Completed Project (and how to make your own): Patriotic wreath #12projects12months

I have officially completed my sixth project of the year, but this is only the fifth one I’ve blogged about. (Maybe I’ll get the other one up here before the month is over!) It’s no secret that I’ve made wreaths for several holidays. My Christmas wreaths and my fall wreath are all favorites of mine. I’ve had my Easter one up until this week. It was time for a patriotic wreath.


I knew weeks ago that I needed something for summer, and I really wanted to get this done by Memorial Day…and then I went shopping for the supplies on Memorial Day. #craftplanningfail

I picked up the metal wreath, ribbon that was all on sale and my son picked up the bunch of blue glittery stars. He loved the stars, so I thought it would be fun to incorporate those (instead of finding and painting ceramic pieces, as I did for St. Patrick’s Day.) I grabbed safety pins off of a race bib I had on my dresser. I’m cheap. And resourceful.


I started with the ribbon, by safety pinning it at the beginning. I had to use both spools of ribbon to wrap the entire metal wreath. (And I secured it with another safety pin at the end. I used 4 safety pins total securing each end.

I then glued the blue stars in place with a hot glue gun. I cut their stems shorter, and tucked them into the ribbon, just so they would be even more secure.


Finally, my ceramics teacher made the white bow, which I actually pinned on rather than hot glue (because I didn’t want for the glue gun to heat up. I was lazy that evening.) And I was pretty anxious, so I hung it right away!


Have you created anything recently you want to share? And do you have patriotic items you decorate with? Last year, I painted a patriotic bear. I just remembered him and I need to find him in the garage.

This is project 5 in my goal to complete 12 projects this year! See project 1 and project 2 and project 3 and project 4 in previous posts.


  1. teresa mccluskey says

    Wow so cute and easy to make, I think I may make a few and pass them out as 4th of july gifts!

  2. says

    That is great i like it.I would do the same i hate waiting for glue guns to heat up. But yours still looks amazing.We made a wreath at Christmas last.

  3. says

    I love the simplicity in this. It would made a beautiful decoration for July 4th which is coming up shortly! You did an awesome job putting it together.

  4. says

    What a super festive wreath! Patriotic projects have a lot of functions. I love the tip about pinning the bow instead of hot gluing it on! Good luck with all your projects and I’ve enjoying them.

  5. says

    That’s great! My son would love to do this project in duct tale i am sure, he is all about DIY projects like you show!

  6. says

    The wreath looks great. I love the red and white ribbon that you used. I need to be more into holidays when it comes to my decor, especially since the kids are so hound and into them all right now.

  7. says

    So cute! which reminds me, since I officially sent out the invite texts to dinner at our house on the 4th, I suppose I should get the decorations pulled out & up :)

  8. Rosie says

    Wow this wreath is pro! I love doing crafts and wreaths are a fav to do, sometimes they come out well…. not as I had imagined them! This is super and I’d love to try it!

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