Friday 5 – Summertime!

Aw, yeah. It’s Friday. And I’m too tired to come up with a really coherent, thoughtful blog post. So it’s time for FRIDAY 5!

Emmy Mom

1. Last weekend took so much out of my boy that at 8 a.m. on Monday, my husband had to wake the toddler (he has to be at daycare by 9 a.m.) We must exercise our toddler a LOT. He routinely wakes between 6:30 and 7, which is quite annoying on the weekends!

2. I have been terrible about keeping up with laundry lately. Last night, I had roughly 4 loads of unfolded laundry on my bed. It’s sad. And I hate folding it. I threw it on the bed because I HAVE to fold it before I get into my bed. I think I may have gotten through half of it, and I left the other half in a basket in the living room floor. Am I the only one who refuses to fold laundry straight out of the dryer? (I think my real issue is that I am usually putting clothes into the dryer right before I go to bed.)

3. Our summer schedules are out. of. control. At one point, the husband and I aren’t even home together – we’ll be in Atlanta together for one night. We do have an out of town, several day vacation planned next month. I’m looking forward to it. But trying to make plans with local friends is kind of a nightmare. (Sorry, friends. We’ll catch up in August.)

4. I really haven’t worked out since my half marathon. I mean, the Monday following my race I did try to do the elliptical, but nothing really since then. I’ve slacked way off. I have GOT to get back in the swing of things. I’m hoping I can get back in a routine this weekend. (I’m also checking out Amazon Prime to figure out what I can do during my travels if my hotel gyms aren’t up to par.)

5. So, way back in the day (think my 7th and 8th grade years), I attended a summer camp in New York. (I live in North Carolina.) I had a great group of friends back then. We all wrote letters throughout the school years, and at some point in high school I wasn’t traveling to NY over the summer, so our letters slowed down before they finally stopped. I had somewhat reconnected with one of my friends, Amy, during college. (Long before Facebook was around.) And then we lost contact again. Yesterday, I was thinking about her and thanks to the power of Google and some Facebook connections, I found a few of her relatives and we have now reconnected over email! (She is not on FB, as far as I can see.) Hooray for Google and technology for bringing friendships back together!

And now five photos…all from my phone.






How was your week? Do you have any long lost connection stories to share?


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    I hate folding clothes it is so boring lol.I have been so busy this week and today has been the worst so far its 4;30pm and i have hardly done anything i just want to sleep but of course kids will not allow it :).

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    I’m with you on #2 and #4- I don’t mind doing laundry- but folding is the worst, so it sits in the basket. I need to get back into my work-out routine. While I did NOT run a 1/2, I was going to the gym 5x/week and it has been pretty nonexistent over the past month.

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    Folding laundry is such a boring and mindless task. I know bring mine in front of the TV and it helps me fold while I watch Orange is the New Black!

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    You should see the pile of laundry right behind me right now- it would make you feel better! I’ve been trying to find my college roommate but haven’t had any luck. She’s not on facebook that I can find. Kids today(I’m sounding old, I know) have it so much easier b/c they can connect on social networks while they are in school and it’s harder to lose touch.

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    I actually dont mind folding clothes. I do it while I am watching television. I think it helps me relax. I need to stop doing laundry during the day though, when I am supposed to be working!

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    I am horrible at folding clothes lol Half the time I am resetting the dryer multiple times because I had forgotten about it. Then I get it folded in the basket and never seems to get put away before it’s all used and back in the laundry again lol Sometimes I wonder why we have dressers if we live out of the laundry basket lol

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    I know I’m strange because I LOVE doing laundry. I love the repetition and the rules of it all – very set and very precise. It gives me a sense of order when everything is folded and put away!

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    First I want to say your son is soooo cute. I got so exhausted reading this because it sounds like my life right now. I also hate folding but only because as I fold my kids just unfold them. I can’t wait till they’re old enough for chores.

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    I actually catch up on laundry more often in the summer. Tanks and shirts are much smaller than winter clothes, so I can shove more in the wash. I do loathe folding it though!

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    That is so awesome that you reconnected with your friend. I used to have several pen pals growing up. That was so fun! I couldn’t wait to get letters in the mail. Adorable pictures, by the way.

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    Yes, that is why I love Friday 5, easy post when it is just too hard to think of a good one :) My kids are pretty much all 6 AM kids, which yes is highly annoying, but now they are old enough that they just wake up and start playing and I can sleep a while longer.
    So awesome to reconnect with friends again. I have a pile of laundry from last week that is still waiting to be put away, hate it! We are about to leave on vacation so I am thinking I will just pack from that pile and then only put away what we don’t pack.

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    Oh emmm gee I feel the same way about my summertime schedule!!! It is completely out of control and I seriously need a vacay! I did take some steps to minimize the stress, even hired my first intern. Very, very excited :)

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    I am a week behind on reading blogs… eeeeeeeeek I totally love the random Fridays!
    Laundry~ I used to let the clean pile up until I started making myself fold it as it came out of the dryer, now, we sometimes live out of baskets between laundry days LOL BUT they are folded 😉

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