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Our first child was born almost three years ago. I remember the months leading up to his arrival well. We were nervous about being first time parents, and wondering if we could really be the best parents for our son. My husband had just started his graduate program and he was earning a Masters in Reading. It was only natural that he wanted to make sure reading was important to our child.

Our hospital bag had the usual items (many unnecessary – I mean, how many outfits would I or the baby really need?) and we had books. My husband, the brand new dad, was going to make sure that our child was read to. Every night, starting with day one. We knew that reading would help (eventually) with language and speech development. And hopefully it would instill a love of learning in our child.

When our son was a few months shy of being a year old, my husband was essentially a Stay-at-Home Super Dad during the summer. We still sent the baby to daycare when dad had to work on grad school (and so we wouldn't lose our spot), but dad and son went to reading time every week. As my son's third summer approaches, my husband is planning out what father-son activities they can take part in.

Oh, and we also made the decision (and a very conscious effort) that our boy wouldn't watch television until almost age 2. We made it to 19 months, which is a lot for us!

With Father's Day approaching, I can't help but think about just what an amazing dad my husband is. This is definitely one of many moments that we're celebrating good in our home. I can only hope our son grows up to be like his dad!

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Now, tell me about the Super Dad and Celebrating Good moments in your life!

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