Race report: Frostbite 5k and 10k

Aka….my first race of 2014. The year of the 10k. Except, not this race. I’m still getting over a sinus infection and haven’t worked out (really) in over a week. I had no business thinking I was in any sort of shape to run a 10k, so I’m pretty lucky that my friend Carol “ran” this with me. We talked, had a good time, and struggled through the tough course. IMG_3383 Packet pick-up was Sunday only. The race started at 2:30. This was my second time doing this event. I ran the 5k back in 2009 and enjoyed it (though that year it was snowing in the morning and really, really cold.) I had forgotten that the course was pretty tough. And ends on an uphill.

Because all races in Asheville end on an uphill.

Some photos from the race:

frostbite10k1 The start was crazy chaotic, with no clear indication where the runners needed to be. I completely missed the fun run, and the 5k started 3 minutes after the 10k. There was a lot of confusion, and we almost ended up in the front of the pack (you know, with the sub-6-milers. Not where I wanted to be!)

The race started promptly at 2:30 and we were off.

We saw several snowmen that were just barely hanging on. And a lot of hills. (The photo on the right is the turn around before the finish of the race. The 5k goes further before turning around on this same road.)

frostbite10k2 The 10k took you into some neighborhoods. It was mainly residential, and the roads were not blocked off. That was more frustrating at the finish, than anywhere else.

frostbite10k3 The photo on the left is the road/trail condition before the finish. It was so muddy that we walked at one point, instead of sliding to the uphill finish. Photo of the right is the finish line (and also the start.)

Carol and I run races so we can eat cookies. We got the last of the Earth Fare maple cookies. I wish there had been more – they put out a different kind of cookie and it just wasn’t the same.

I believe my finish time was 1 hour, 8 minutes (1:08) which isn’t terrible awful. My splits were all over the place, but I just didn’t have it in me this race. My breathing was off, my fitness level was off, and it wasn’t the course’s fault.

I think I’d run this one again. The shirts were a nice cotton shirt that I’ll wear around home. Five years ago they were technical shirts that barely fit over my then-skinny arms. I sized up this time, and that was a mistake.

Do you ever run/walk 5ks or 10ks? Do you have any events planned for 2014? (Did you run this Frostbite race?)


  1. Crystal says

    You are so brave! I am the LEAST likely person to run…ever! I’m super active and love being outdoors but have had exercise induced asthma since i was little – bleh! If I could find a way to get around that I’d probably love running!!

  2. says

    I love this post! I’ve never done a race, but I really want to this year. I think I would document it in photos just like you did…and then eat a cookie, of course! :)

  3. says

    I wussed out on the one I was going to run last Saturday, & had planned to do a St. Patty’s day one next mionth but there may be a financial conflict. EVENTUALLY this year I do plan to run a few :) I love the pre-race excitement, the post race high & the ‘reason’ to be running aka training the weeks & weeks before.

  4. says

    I’m planning on running a few 5ks this year and am hoping to complete a sprint triathlete and half marathon as well. I have a long ways to go though! Glad you had a great 10k.

  5. says

    I can imagine when one is feeling run down how this would be a tough challenge. I personally am not a runner or a marathon walker either. I do enjoy a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood though…when it’s 70+ degrees mind you 😉

  6. says

    What fun! I did a Colorsplash 5k walk with my oldest on year and we came in near last but we had fun. I am trying to get her to do another one this year!

  7. says

    I hate to admit it, but the only running I do is if something is after me and even then, I’d surely fall and break my neck. I have weak ankles. That’s always been my excuse. :)

  8. says

    I have friends who run and they love it, but I”m too much of a wimp to be out in this cold doing it. I’m sorry to hear the roads weren’t blocked for the race, those challenges can be a bit dangerous too. Congrats on the 1:08 time, I think that’s great!

  9. Eliz Frank says

    I’d love to start training for an official 5k. I’ve done unofficial ones but this is more rewarding… Hugs to you.

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