thankful Thursday (and making it a link-up)

Thankful Thursday is back, and this time it’s a little improved. I had a few questions last time I posted one about a link-up, so I decided to do just that this time around. Hoping to do this at least every other week, if not every week.  The rules are simple. If you have a “thankful” post from the past week, link up below!


1. I’m so thankful that our son is at the age where he can tell us if something is wrong. On Tuesday night, he was fighting bed time (fighting us), and once he was in bed he said his head hurt (from hitting it against the crib – he did that to himself) and his ear hurt. Wednesday morning, he told me his ear hurt again. I took him to the walk-in clinic at his pediatrician’s office, and sure enough. Another ear infection. Another round of antibiotics and he should be as good as new.


2. Chiropractors. I’m so thankful for chiropractors. I’m way more active now and the craziest turns can throw something in my back. You have no idea how many ribs you have, how a misplaced rib can screw your entire body….until you’ve been to a chiropractor. I love mine. (And I’m thankful I had an appointment this week. I so needed it.)

3. Decent weather. Last week, we were hitting the negative digits and over the weekend, we were creeping towards 60 degrees. I went running and even took my running jacket off. It was amazing. And it may have caused my current sinus/cold thing. (The serious shift in weather…I’m not a fan.)

So plenty to be thankful for. What are you thankful for this week? Comment or link up below!


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    i have heard that a chiro can also help with kids’ ear infection woes. something we’re thinking about for our 6 year old who has ear infections all the time

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    Thankful Thursday is a great idea! It made me stop and think about what I am thankful for today.
    Today I am thankful that school is in session. :) Our routine has been so messed up by snow days lately!

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    Totally understand the relief of your child being able to tell you what is wrong. We couldn’t wait for our youngest to get there. Not only for illness, but for anything he was frustrated about. It made such a difference. I’d have to say this week I’m thankful for a mild winter and a warm home.

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    This week I’m thankful that I checked a lot off of my to-do list and we are one week closer to winter being over! I’m also thankful that I made plans to see the LEGO movie with my nephew tomorrow!

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    does your son see the chiro too? I have heard of them curing EIs also. I also saw mine for the first time since before the holidays. long over due.

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    I am thankful for all the people that love my children and help them succeed in life. It takes a village, that is definitely true. So glad your little one is feeling better.

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    I am thankful for having such a decent week with my children. Minimal issues, happiness all around and fun with Legos! Speaking of Legos, I am thankful for the local fam who dropped us off a HUGE supply of Legos!

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    Aww, your little boy is so adorable! I hope he gets to feeling better. I am thankful the weather wasn’t as bad this week – though it meant my hubby had to go into work every day (he worked from home some last week).

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    I love reading these thankful posts. We have so much to be thankful for. I’m thankful for my life and those of my kids and family. Thankful that I have a job as well, so many out there don’t have one. I guess I’m thankful every day.

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