when the toddler wants to go to the playground…

We had a mixed bag of a weekend. It started with car issues, and the toddler took it all in stride. I didn’t want him pent up in the house (or car) all weekend, but we were hosting people for an Oscars party last night, and it was looking like he was about to be stuck indoors a lot. We did get out in the morning, but when he woke up early from his nap (think 30-minute “nap” versus a 2-hour nap), I put him in his stroller and went to see my grandma and then my mom. While at my mom’s, he requested to go to the playground. The play area he was thinking about is a half-mile walk, and I figured running could do him some good.


Poor kid had no idea why the sled wouldn’t slide. He kept telling me to push him.

When we got to the playground, I hadn’t even unbuckled him from his stroller and he said, “ohhhh, thank you, mommy.” He said it twice. I melted a little (read: lot) inside. It was a really, really sweet moment.


We only spent 45 minutes there. We had to go home so he could take a bath (things were a little backwards in regards to schedules.) He just had the best time and had the playground to himself. Also, he got a HUGE kick out of me getting the basketball in the hoop! He shrieked every single time it went in. (I missed a few times, and he just smiled.)


So, when the toddler wants to go to the playground, I listen. I’m so glad I listened. (Also, it was 69 degrees here yesterday. I hope your weather was as lovely.)

How was your weekend?


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    AWESOME!!! when the weather permits (read: over 40) I reward my littles w/a stop at the park when we are headed home from errands (usually Fridays) & have found that even 15 minutes is enough for them sometimes.

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    It looks like he had a ton of fun! It’s great that the weather cooperated for him. It was warm here this weekend but now it is back in the 30s.

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    That’s very sweet about the park. You’re lucky to live close to your mom and gram. :)

    The pictures are really cute. Hurrah for park days!!

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    Kids will always be kids. I tend to remind myself with this every time kids would demand play. For adults, we also have work, but for kids, their work is playing. So basically, giving kids enough time to explore and play is tremendously a gift to them.:)

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    I literally laughed out loud at the sled comment. So funny! That is something Case would say, I am sure. Also, I love that he wore his shades the entire time at the playground. We need to get all the boys together very soon.

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    I cannot wait for warmer days so we can see our playground beyond the snow. I love playground days, always makes for a smile on my family’s face.

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    It really does feel good to say yes and makes such a huge difference when you can. So glad he had so much fun and always fun to have the park to yourself.

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    Looks lhe had fun. We have a great park back home that I used to always go to as a kid. The only downside was the flok of geese who would chase you down for your lunch, lol.

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    That sounds like perfect weather for a day at the park! It’s always good to just take a minute out of our day and do what our kids want. You’ll be surprised at how much fun you can actually have!

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    We were in the 70s on Sunday and then had freezing rain today. Crazy winter. My boys like getting outside as much as possible.

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    Oh I know what it feels like to be coped up in the house with the kids. Glad you guys were able to get out (we are still in the negative weather around here) and let him have some time to roam before your Oscars party.

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