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I keep having good intentions. And then life gets in the way. Life, in this case, was a cold/upper respiratory thing that crept in Saturday evening. (It can go away now. Whenever it wants!) Also, I find that if I don’t work out during my lunch hour, it probably isn’t going to happen after work.


Tuesday – Elliptical for 30 minutes.

Wednesday – Nothing. I had lunch with my co-workers.

Thursday – Discovered as I was leaving my office that I lost my iPod between my car and office door. It was just a Shuffle, so it was clipped on my purse, and I know it must have been knocked loose and probably fell near my car. After 4 trips back and forth (it’s not a long walk) I just knew it was gone and I was pretty bummed. I ran about 2.5 miles with only two songs on my iPhone. (Happy, being one of them. I was so over that song on Thursday.)

Friday – Took the day off as I had a busy work day and I needed to leave the office early to do some stuff in town.

Saturday – Ran 3.3(ish) miles. I downloaded a few more songs to my phone. I ran in my neighborhood (my car was having some work done) and it was a decent run.

Sunday – I couldn’t stop coughing Saturday night. This moved into Sunday and I was so bummed that I just couldn’t run when the sun finally came back out. We did take a 30-minute walk, so I wasn’t completely glued to my couch.

I felt like I was coming off of a pretty good week of working out, and I just slid back into laziness. Hoping this is temporary, but I don’t know. Do you prefer to exercise before or after work – or, like me, during your lunch hour?

I have a 10k coming up in less than two weeks. I’m hoping to get through it without walking! And then I hope to have a few more races lined up before my half marathon in June. June is going to be here before I know it!


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    after taking last week off (spring break was Wed-Fri so no open high school halls to walk) & only walking Tuesday & then attempting the treadmill on Saturday, I welcomed the return to routine this morning as I pulled into the high school parking lot. I think a lot of good can come from a break in routine. take care of yourself. the 10K will be there :)

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    I’m definitely more of a lunch workout person. But with my job it makes it really easy – since I work at a University I have free access to the gym and the building is RIGHT NEXT to mine, so I don’t have much of an excuse. And it allows to me sleep in in the morning and focus on my family in the evening. Although, lately I’ve been doing Jillian in the morning and it’s not been too bad.

    Your going to rock that 10k and you’re right, June is right around the corner!

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    I wish I could exercise in the morning before work (I am such a morning person,) but I get up WAY WAY WAY to early for that! So I settle for a midday workout!
    I hope you feel better! I’m trying to work my way up to the 10K too– did 5 last weekend!

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