A Few of My Favorite Things To Do In the Grove Arcade

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Are you local to Asheville like I am? Or are you visiting our beautiful city? One of my favorite places to spend time is the Grove Arcade, and whether you have a few minutes or a couple of hours, I have ideas for you when you visit next. 

Thanks to the Grove Arcade for collaborating on this post! As always, opinions (and fun kid photos) are my own.

When I worked in downtown Asheville, I was steps away from the Grove Arcade. The space was closed for many years, and reopened with local shops taking over the main floor, and even the outside sidewalk space called Makers Market where vendors can set up during the day. (I once had a soap guy! He sold soaps at one of the booths outside and he helped me so much when my son had skin issues as an infant.) I would go over to grab a snack, and I’ve eaten many lunches and dinners at the various restaurants in the Grove Arcade. Now, my kids can enjoy the space with me.

If you’re in town, I highly recommend checking the whole space out. It’s nice to wander when you’re on your own (because, hello quiet time!) and take in the history of the building. It’s also great if you have some time and need to entertain your younger ones. 

So what do you need to check out when you visit the Grove Arcade?

Take a walk through the Grove Arcade. On a weekend morning, you can go in before a lot of the shops are even open and take in the sun coming in through all of the higher windows. Check out the store fronts, and know that your kids can’t do much damage by walking through or listening to their voices echo. (Not that my 3-year-old did that or anything.) 😉 

Grove Arcade in Asheville, NC (with kids!)

Take your lunch to the outside sidewalk! Or inside Carmel’s. Many of the restaurants have some outdoor seating. My kids love Burgerworx. And Santé is a great wine bar in the northeast corner of the Grove Arcade.

Relax at the Book Exchange. My friends and I have met at the Battery Park Book Exchange & Champagne Bar a few times. I’ve even attended special events/parties inside and it’s wonderful with all of their old books in there. They’ve added outdoor seating which I think is so fun and inviting. They do serve some fun drinks and desserts, but I’m saving those for another day.

Get a quick foot treatment at Wake Foot Sanctuary! Sometimes mom needs 30 minutes – or an hour – of alone time. Wake is your place to go for that peace. And if you don’t have time to spend on a soak, check out their various products for sale, and pick something up for a little self care at home. 

Check out the shops. We wandered into Asheville NC Home Crafts and they have some of the sweetest hats and dresses – among many other knitted items – that I wanted to bring home for my daughter. Wouldn’t a hat or a doll be a fun souvenir from Asheville?

How much do you want your own pumpkin or cupcake hat right now?

One of my favorite places in Asheville to spend time is the Grove Arcade - check out several things you can do with kids when visiting! #travel #visitNC #Asheville

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  1. i LOVE the Grove Park Arcade! We are holding our son’s post wedding rehearsal party at the Battery Park Book Exchange and Champagne Bar and they have been so wonderful to work with. Your little girl is so adorable and I bet she loves to walk up and down those beautiful halls in the Arcade. Thanks for sharing one of my favorite Asheville places!

    1. I went to a retirement party at the Battery Park Book Exchange and it was so cool! Birthday parties, too, but a post-wedding rehearsal party would be fantastic!

      1. We are super excited! As you can imagine. It is the perfect venue for my book loving soon to be daughter in law! Great post!

  2. I have visited Asheville many times but never knew about this! I heard the Book Exchange is pet-friendly – do you know if that’s true? Will definitely be checking this out on my next visit!

  3. So bummed we didn’t get to explore this more when in Asheville. That book exchange and spa look amazing!! Guess I need to come back again for a visit!

  4. M y favorite store by far in the Grove Arcade is Mountain Made. They sell a lot of stuff from artists and entrepreneurs in Western North Carolina.

    We’re local, and it’s our go-to place to get something for something we’re going to visit.

  5. This place looks amazing.

    First off, Burgerworx? With veggie and chicken options? Thank you, and yes please.

    Looks like you and lil one had a lot of fun. I need to get there and check it all out!

    1. Yes! So many vegetarian options at the restaurants in Asheville. (Also, the boys were with us, but one may have been playing Pokemon Go most of the time.) 🙂

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