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My husband bought family passes to the WNC Nature Center as a Christmas gift. We’ve gone several times since then and each time hasn’t disappointed.

Day trip to the WNC Nature Center. #WNCNatureCenter #Asheville #NC

I had spring break early last week (I’m fortunate enough to get a spring break. Not so lucky to get an entire week, though.) I kept the boy home from daycare and we enjoyed a morning at the Nature Center. It’s fun to see his reactions. It’s not that they have new animals each time. He’s just THAT excited to see them!

Day trip to the WNC Nature Center. #WNCNatureCenter #Asheville #NC

This visit, he really wanted to spend time with the snakes. That is my least favorite part of the Nature Center. Overall, the Nature Center has animals that are native to our area (in Western North Carolina.) You’ll see black bears, foxes, coyotes, wolves and everyone’s favorite…the river otters.

Day trip to the WNC Nature Center. #WNCNatureCenter #Asheville #NC


We made it down to the farm animals (sheep, donkeys, goats) and the barn for my son to play, but a bathroom break found us at the exit at lunchtime…so no photos from this week and a total toddler meltdown because we had to leave.


There is plenty to wear the kids out. There is a set of rock steps they can climb to get to the slide (pictured above) and it’s right next to the otters. They’ve recently completed the Arachnid Adventure, which we got to try out this time.

Day trip to the WNC Nature Center. #WNCNatureCenter #Asheville #NC

Day trip to the WNC Nature Center. #WNCNatureCenter #Asheville #NC

Day trip to the WNC Nature Center. #WNCNatureCenter #Asheville #NC

There is a walking trail that we haven’t ventured out on. It’s about 3/4 mile and I’m eager to do it on our next trip, just to see what we can find.

Admission for the Nature Center is $8 for non-Asheville residents. (For kids, it’s $4.) Our family pass was $64 and with one more visit, we’ve covered the cost. It’s such a great deal and what a great cause to support! (Not only that, we’ve not seen the entire space. It provides hours of entertainment.)

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  1. We visited during a trip last April (totally free thanks to our NC Zoo membership – yay!) and had a great time. Perfect size for our son and good stretch of the legs with all those paths on the mountainside there (or should I just say “big hill”? It’s mountainous compared to the hills around Raleigh!). Plan to visit again during our next trip to Asheville in a couple months.

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