Around here…May 2017

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Also known as “miscellany Monday.” 

My husband has been out of town since Thursday, but is currently flying home! It’s been a wild four days. Solo parenting is not for the weak, but throw a solo parenting weekend into the mix? And another trip in two days that I have to prepare for? Recipe for disaster. Luckily, we held it together. 

My baby boy is registered for kindergarten. KINDERGARTEN, y’all! I took him Friday to register him and I just don’t know how we let this happen. It seems like yesterday I was dropping him off at daycare or preschool for the first time. 

Baby girl is STILL battling a cold or congestion or teething. Whatever. I think they’re all the same thing. Yesterday her mood was SO off, that my son even said, “what is wrong with her?” And I honestly answered, “I have no idea.” I took a picture of her mid-meltdown. 

Five minutes later she was fine. 

My son lost his first tooth last night! I didn’t go into the weekend thinking, “the tooth fairy will definitely be coming by this weekend.” Nope. He’s had a wiggly tooth for a while, but yesterday it was way more loose, and he insisted on eating an apple with skin. (Just like his dad mentioned weeks ago.) Well we had a few tears because he all of the sudden did not want that tooth to come out. He was envisioning blood and pain. (Note: He had dental surgery a year and a half ago, which resulted in one tooth being extracted – that was painful and full of blood. And he couldn’t get past that.) 

I went to the bathroom to grab a cotton ball in case it came out during/after dinner. When I returned to the table, he said, “mom, my tooth came out.” No drama. He just wiggled it right out of it’s spot. I had sent his dad a picture showing the tooth barely hanging on, and a couple minutes later a photo of the toothless grin. 

Thankfully he was so excited to show off his missing tooth to his friends this morning. But imagine my panic when he told me last night, “the tooth fairy is going to bring me a gold coin now.” Um….the tooth fairy almost forgot to leave a dollar until 11pm when she was heading to bed. 

So daddy can’t come home soon enough. 

I’m heading to mom 2.0 on Wednesday! I’m beyond excited. I purchased my ticket over a year ago during the newborn haze that was my life, so I didn’t even realize it was going to take place the week of the university’s graduation. Next year, I’m hoping I’m at graduation. 😉 

How was your weekend?


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  1. I hope her teeth come in soon. Teething is so tough. My new nephew is teething right now and it’s so hard to see them suffer 🙁

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