a (baby) sewing project

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(Dear family, Don’t get any ideas.)

My friend Nancy came over this evening for a couple of hours of sewing time. (We really missed Mai. It’s just not the same with only two of us! There was a lot less yelling at the machines.) We decided to take on a baby project since Nancy is expecting her first baby in September.

So bibs it was.

This was actually a very simple project, had we read the instructions before cutting. Our first attempts were still pretty decent. I made a pink bib, which was useless for Nancy since she’s having a boy. I had the material already, since I picked up the flannel patterned remnant at the store, and the pink fabric was leftover from another project. (This is really the back of the bib.)

And then I used some blue/green fabric I had to make a bib for Nancy’s baby. (Pictured is the front of the bib.)

Finally, the front of the pink bib and back of the blue one.

It was simple enough that we each made two bibs in around 2.5 hours – and that included me taking the stitching completely out of one of the bibs and resewing it. Talk about a pain.

But they’re cute, right? This is such an easy gift. Now I need more pregnant friends. šŸ™‚

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  1. Mendie, I can definitely supply you with crafty baby items when you have a baby! šŸ™‚ I’m just not pregnant right now, and don’t want my family to get the wrong idea. lol

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