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People around the world are gearing up for back to school and the madness has hit our house. If you asked me five years ago if I saw this back-to-school insanity hitting my household anytime soon, I would have told you “NOOOOOO!” and I find it a little ironic that I do devote so much time and hard labor to a school that I don’t have children attending.

But I do have a teacher-husband and he has a classroom to prepare for 120 kids.

I spent almost 3 hours scrubbing desks today to get three layers of labels removed. Every year, my husband has created labels for the desks with numbers, so it’s easier to assign kids to different desks. When you do group work or maintenance “cleans,” the desks often didn’t get placed back in the right spots, so the numbers were always out of order. My husband decided to remove the labels, and I took that on as my “project” today.

My only request was that he not bother me while watching “Gossip Girl” this evening. The request was honored up until my fifth episode (granted, I watched 3 of the episodes when he wasn’t home) and he said, “this show is so stupid. Are you almost done?” I looked at him and replied, “who cleaned your desks today?” and he didn’t say another word.

One more day stands between my husband and those kids. Here’s hoping it’s a good year…..and that I can get the green tint out of my nails from the sponge and chemicals I had to use today.

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  1. That was awfully nice of you, Jaime! I’d love to have a helper to prep for school, but with Andy being a teacher too, he’s got his own classroom to fix! šŸ˜€

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