BB-8 Puppet Paper Craft

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This BB-8 puppet is the perfect craft for most kids – whether they are a Star Wars fan, or not!

One thing the past two years has shown me is that my kids LOVE crafts. Love. Them. And they really love doing anything with paper. Our craft supplies have grown exponentially since early 2020, and I’m happy to let them go with their creations. Sometimes I like to be a little more direct with their crafting – I’ll actually have a plan for the craft, and they’re usually on board with my ideas.

Another thing my kids love to do? Play with their crafts after they complete them. They love making books or characters out of paper. It’s actually pretty fun to watch as a parent.

My kids LOVE Star Wars, and BB-8 is one of their favorite characters. This BB-8 puppet can keep them busy creating it, but then they can play with the puppets after they’re done. (A fun idea would be to change the color of the papers and make a BB-9e puppet!)

Supplies you need to make a BB-8 Paper Puppet

  1. Colored craft or construction paper
  2. Popsicle/craft stick
  3. Glue
  4. Pencil and a dark pen (Sharpie)
  5. Scissors
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One of my kids hasn’t watched the Star Wars movies, yet is still really excited about all of the Star Wars characters. (She has watched clips, cartoons and seen enough to know just how fun and cute they can be.)

How to make a BB-8 Puppet Using Paper

  • First, select white, orange and grey colored craft paper for the BB-8 papercraft puppet. Trace the body and head patterns on white paper. Trace the rest of the patterns on papers noted on the template.
  • Next, stick the antennas on the top side (outwards) of the head cutout and the curvy strip near the top end of the head. Stick the orange round and half round cutouts on the body cutout.
  • Stick the 2 gray strips in the middle of the orange round pattern and stick the orange strips on the head cutout according to the design of the BB-8.
  • Glue the head on the top side of the body pattern, by slightly overlapping each other.
  • Use a black sharpie or gel pen to draw the other details of the BB-8 design.
  • Finally, glue the paper BB-8 on a popsicle stick to complete the BB-8 puppet craft.
BB-8 Puppet paper craft - DIY Star Wars craft for kids

If you want to display your BB-8 puppet – or any of your paper puppets – you can fill a small flower pot with dry beans, marbles or decorative stones and the puppet can stick down into the pot and stand on its own!

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