Currently…April 2018

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I can’t believe that in a week I’ll be finishing packing for California. I am flying out there next week and I’m so excited! 

Currently I am…

Watching…Trading Spaces. Were you a Trading Spaces fan years and years ago? I remember watching it on Saturday nights in my tiny basement apartment. I loved the show then and am really enjoying the current season.

Running…often! I ran 7 miles with a friend this past weekend and I’m grateful she pushed me to run 7 and not the 6 I had planned. Hoping to get in 8 this weekend (I have a race that will cover 6.2 miles.) And how fun is this wall in west Asheville?

Listening…to a lot of Imagine Dragons. I bought their new album ages ago, but have become obsessed with it more recently. My son really loves listening to them, so it’s fun to play one or two of their songs on the way to school.

Also I’ve downloaded The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up from my library to listen to in the car. I’ve discovered I really enjoy podcasts, and I’ve been wanting to read this book but I might get through it by listening to it. We’ll see. I’ll keep you posted!

Planning…our summer vacation! We’re hoping to head north for an extended road trip – and possibly even cross the border into Canada! Fingers crossed passports work out. I actually renewed mine today, and we think the kids don’t need passports if we’re driving into Canada. (I need to take a phone call to be triple sure.) My husband can renew his passport by mail (I managed to misplace mine, hence the in-person appointment today) and we’re really close to booking places to stay. 

Playing…outside as much as possible. This girl asks to go “ow-side?” often.

TryingStitch Fix! Have you checked out my Stitch Fix review? I’m super excited about the dress I’ll be taking to LA with me next week. 

Prepping…chicken! I tried out Zaycon Fresh recently, and I haven’t had to buy meat all month. It’s been so great, and basically I just pre-cook chicken every week now. It takes about 20 minutes to cook, and it saves me so much time the rest of the week. I’ve also ordered it to pick up in June. It’s saving a ton of money and time and I’m loving this service. (Edited to add: As of June 25, Zaycon has closed their business. This saddens me, but I’m grateful my bank worked with me to make sure I was refunded my money.) 

And one last photo of me with my TWO-year-old! This was on her birthday, which she enjoyed very much last week. It’s been fun looking back at photos on Timehop. I can’t believe how tiny she was (even though she was almost 9 pounds at birth!) 

How is your month going?

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