DIY Tooth Fairy Pouch

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I’m linking up for another crafty destash. One of these days I just might run out of things in my home that can be destashed! (I’m kidding. I’ll never run out of craft supplies.)

My boy actually lost his first tooth a year and a half ago when it had to be pulled because he hit his mouth on a chair (the tooth bruised, and was on its way to infection.) We scrambled and let him know about the tooth fairy – and that night, the tooth fairy left coins in a Tiffany’s pouch that mommy happened to have from a race. (I know, random.) So when he was talking about losing a tooth a few weeks ago, and that the tooth was left in a pouch for the tooth fairy, I knew I had to come up with something for him that wouldn’t be so confusing.

Because the tooth fairy isn’t confusing at ALL, right? 😉 (Also, the tooth under a pillow thing won’t work for us. My son has too many pillows and blankets on his bed, plus he’s easy to wake up at night. So something hanging on the doorknob is the easiest way for the tooth fairy to visit our house.) 

What you need: 
A tooth applique

I purchased an applique from Planet Applique months ago almost a year ago and at first I was going to make a tooth shaped pouch, but then decided a standard pouch with a cute tooth would suffice. I let my son choose fabric from my stash, and it just so happens I have 3 yards of the fabric he chose – so I could make SO MANY THINGS. 

I played with dimensions of the fabric. In the end, my two pieces were 6 3/4″ x 12″. I actually did the applique before I cut everything down. Once I had my two pieces, I folded each with right sides together and then sewed about a half inch inseam up the sides. I also made a strap. I cut a longer piece of the fabric, folded it in half, and then folded each side in half to meet the crease. Then I sewed up the open side to make a very long skinny handle (and I cut it down to the size I wanted, once my bag was somewhat taking shape.) 

Turn one of the fabric pieces you just sewed so the right side is out. I used the lining. So tuck the lining into the outside of your bag, so the right sides of your fabric are facing each other. Pin your handle so it is actually inside the bag, but the end of the handle is at the top of the side seam of the bag (see my photo.) 

Sew along the outside of the top of the bag, leaving about 3-4 inches open on one side so you can pull the fabric through. Then pull the fabric through that opening, and tuck your lining back into the bag. Top stitch around the top of the bag, closing it on the opening. 

The problem with my dimensions was the bag was too narrow to properly fit back on my machine to sew the top shut. So I hand sewed it. It didn’t take super long, but this could have been done a lot faster if I had left the bag a little wider (and maybe shorter.) 

I love how it turned out! 

Do you have craft supplies that have been sitting around for years? This fabric was something I purchased at least 5 – if not 6 – years ago. 

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  1. I kept wanting to make something like this for my kids but end up using old jewelry boxes instead! I’m crafty but for some reason I never got around to making the tooth bag! Very cute

  2. I remember the days when my kids were losing their teeth. This would have come in so handy and much easier than trying to fish a tooth from under a pillow.

  3. What a cute idea for celebrating the loose change received from the tooth fairy. Fortunately, my son doesn’t have any loose teeth (or knowledge of the tooth fairy). LOL

  4. This is so cute. I love your tutorial. I sew and I have a lot of scrap fabric lying around. I am going to make something similar to this for my nieces.

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