Family-friendly classes and projects to do at home!

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We’re home for the next couple of months and I’m looking at family-friendly classes my kids can handle – that can be done from home! Craftsy is your one-stop shop for online crafty courses.

With my kids at home, they are doing some virtual learning, but they have a LOT of hours left in the day when I still have to work. I’m working to keep them busy, keep their brains working and tapping into their creative sides – and that’s where Craftsy comes in.

Family-friendly classes for kids of all ages are free through Bluprint now through April 9, 2020!

I wrote about Craftsy more than 6 years ago. I wanted to learn about cake decorating and more about sewing. They are a catalog of thousands of videos you can watch and learn from in the comfort of your own home. Right now, you can view their videos for FREE. This service is free through April 9. (You do need to register, but the site doesn’t require a credit card and it’s so worth it!)

The family-friendly classes look so fun. My son loves drawing, and has a book on drawing comics, but Bluprint offers a How to Make a Comic Book class for kids which looks amazing! Writing for Kids looks right up his alley, and Doodle Wars looks like something I could easily get into.

My daughter turns 4 in a few short weeks, and when she’s in preschool she comes home with paper airplanes every. single. day. And Craftsy offers a class on making and flying paper airplanes. WHAT?

Family-friendly classes for kids of all ages are free through Bluprint now through April 9, 2020!

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I cut a bunch of my old shirts thinking I would make a t-shirt quilt. I don’t know how to make a quilt, but Craftsy has a class on T-Shirt Quilting

Bluprint offers such a wide variety of categories of classes, too. From quilting and sewing to photography. Painting, drawing, cooking, cakes, jewelry making. There is such a great selection to choose from. 

My kids have about four hours worth of schooling they will be doing each day, but my husband and I are expected to work for 8 hours each day. We have a lot of time to fill and we don’t want them glued to the television over the next six weeks. I’m excited that Craftsy is just $2.49 for a year subscription and I can’t wait to learn a few things myself!

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