Get football-ready with G.H. Cretors popcorn!

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Last spring, my friends and I attended Mom 2.0 and were introduced to G.H. Cretors Popped Corn. I honestly wasn’t familiar with them before the conference, but I loved the popcorn by the end of the first day of the conference. I had bags of popcorn in my hotel room and managed to bring several bags home with me that I shared with my son and husband. We all quickly became fans of the different flavors. 

This past weekend, with two playoff games taking place at relatively decent times for a 6-year-old, I pulled out all the snacking stops for my boy – and we started with popcorn. In fact, as I was pulling this quick and simple snack stadium together, he kept asking “are we having a party?” My boy loves nothing more than parties. Throw in football, and he is beside himself. (Also, if you know me, we don’t have a seriously favorite team. So I don’t know how we ended up with a football-loving child, but we’re embracing it.) 

We received The Mix, Cheese Lovers Mix and the Buffalo & Ranch Mix. My son was over the moon with the Cheese Lovers Mix. He loves cheese and popcorn. Mix them together, and he’s a happy kid. He and I can happily split The Mix because he’ll eat the cheddar pieces and I love the caramel. But of the three flavors, I was so excited to try the Buffalo & Ranch Mix. This is a new flavor and it’s perfect for sharing (if I don’t eat it all first.) I think it’s a little too spicy for my kiddos, so I did, in fact, eat all of the Buffalo & Ranch flavor.

So we’re now gearing up for the biggest game of the season, and we’ve picked a team to pull for. We’re getting our snacks and menu finalized and I’m pretty excited about it! I’d love to hear what you’re planning. We’ll definitely have G.H. Cretors popcorn on hand (and a couple other items that the youngest child can eat since popcorn isn’t her thing…yet.) 


Ready to make your own snack stadium? Try this snack stadium (it’s similar to what I’m using in the photos) and pick up several bags of G.H. Cretors popcorn today! 

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