Three Georgia places to safely visit this summer

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It’s been months since our family has traveled and this summer has seen us doing a lot of hanging out at our house. My daughter keeps asking about different places she wants to visit one day, and I keep hoping that “one day” is sooner, rather than much later. Surely, we’ll be able to go on more adventures next summer, right? For now, I think about the places I would road trip next. With the right car, I would consider going all over with my family.

I was looking through Volvo Cars Mall of Georgia’s website and the new Volvo XC90 looks ah-mazing. Three rows, can hold up to 7 people (so basically, it will hold my kids and their toys they require on all road trips), a hybrid option, and just space galore. I have friends who have driven Volvo and always been happy with their purchase. (And the ride was nice.) But, really, I’m impressed with space. Space for all of us to be comfortable.

Photo from Volvo Cars Mall of Georgia website

These are a few places in Georgia I would consider checking out in the coming months: 

Great Wolf Lodge – we were supposed to go to the Great Wolf Lodge outside of Atlanta this fall, but the trip has been postponed. It’s not a far drive for us, and I’ve read about all of the safety measure they’re taking. 

Jellystone Park Camp Resort – I wrote about our trip to a Jellystone park last summer and the kids are begging to go back to one. They offer cabins, which is my favorite way to camp. And if I was traveling in the Volvo XC90, I’d be all about packing up for a long weekend and heading to Jellystone. 

Parts of the Appalachian Trail – Once I can get my kids out of the house, they tend to enjoy hiking. The Appalachian Trail would be cool to check out in Georgia (since we have such easy access to the trail from our house in NC.) We’re not looking to hike the whole trail, just a couple of miles as part of a day trip. I’d also love to explore waterfalls or the Chattahoochee River for a day.

Volvo Cars Mall of Georgia is located in Buford, Georgia – just northeast of Atlanta – and they carry new and used cars. They are offering online shopping, at-home test drives, pick-up and delivery for service and repairs, and many other services during this time. Visit their website to get started!

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