Going Back to School with Amazon!

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The start of school is upon us, and I’m looking to Amazon to help me out with all of my back to school lists! Visit amazon.com/happyschoolyear to save and get all of your items in one place. Thanks to Amazon for collaborating on this post. While I did receive product in exchange for this post, no other compensation was exchanged.

We go back to school in two weeks. TWO WEEKS. And we’re talking about four different schools. My daughter starts preschool, my son is in elementary school, my husband works in multiple high schools and I work for a university. That is a lot of school supplies. I started shopping at the beginning of summer, but now that the beginning of school snuck up on me, I’m looking to Amazon for many of my back to school needs! 

If you visit amazon.com/happyschoolyear, they have everything broken down into ages and categories so you don’t miss anything. Clothing? They have it. Glue? Yep. Snacks? Done. I’m just adding to my cart for the next week, so I don’t miss a thing. Even if I do miss something, the Prime two day shipping will help me in a pinch.

My son needs the standard glue sticks, crayons, pencil case and notebooks, but he also needs things like headphones and gallon-sized bags. Some of the items are odd, but as a wife of an educator, I get the need for those odd items. Thankfully my Prime membership helps me with free shipping, and I can add it all to my cart and order one time. (Side note: If you know your child’s teacher is going to need a ton of glue sticks, you can score a 30-pack for under $7 right now. Crazy deal!)

In elementary school, the kids are assigned tablets. We have been a Kindle-loving family for a few years, and now we have the Fire Kids HD Edition. With this Fire, I’ve set up profiles for both kids, and I control the apps, books, videos and the TIME that is spent on the tablet! (This did not please my son in the least when he realized I could pause his play mid-game.) My son has been reading almost every day this summer, and I love that if we’re missing out on the next Magic Tree House book, I can go grab it and add it to his profile. 

Because of the tablets, the kids have to keep headphones at school. I love these that are made for kids, and come in a variety of colors. I’m keeping the pink for my daughter and ordering blue for my son.

And how fun is this pencil case? That isn’t the exact case we have, but it’s close. The mechanical pencils are cute and functional. They actually write in colors, so I’m not sure if they’ll go to school or stay in his room for all of his drawing needs. 

We also have to send a water bottle and snack each day. I’m LOVING the Wickedly Prime Plantain Chips! Throw those into Subscribe & Save and don’t risk running out, plus you’ll save 5% for using the Subscribe & Save. 

When it comes to backpacks, I really like Amazon Basics. I have Amazon Basics packing cubes that have lasted years with no sign of wear! They’re a good quality and even better price. My daughter has had a backpack for daycare, so I think these bags are great for so many ages. 

Finally, the fun folks at Amazon sent my son this STEM game and I couldn’t be more pleased. It’s challenging, great for one person and he’s had a blast playing Rush Hour Traffic Jam this past week. It’s portable and stores in a fabric bag. (This would make a great travel game!) 

How much longer until your kids go back to school? 

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