Easy Grinch Bookmark Craft – DIY for kids and adults!

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The holidays are coming and I’m so excited to craft with my kids – and even make this Grinch bookmark craft with them! My daughter is crazy into all things paper, glue and markers. My son is also at a fun crafting age. They both humor me with my weekly holiday movies, so I’m thinking of combining themed crafts with our movies.

This Grinch bookmark is a fun activity for the holiday season!
The Grinch bookmark is a fun holiday craft for the season!

Something about last year has sparked major paper craft creativity in my kids. With the holidays coming up, we’re going all in on the movies, and the Grinch Christmas movies are some of my favorites. This Grinch bookmark craft is something you can work on with your kids – and you can make it with or without a Santa hat, depending on the level of festivity you want to embrace!

This Grinch bookmark can be made with or without a Santa hat

Make sure to download the template for the bookmark by signing up below:

Supplies for your Grinch bookmark:

  1. The template (download through the box above)
  2. Colored construction paper
  3. Glue
  4. Black gel pen
  5. Pencil
  6. Scissors

How to make a Grinch paper bookmark:

First, select dark green, light green and yellow construction paper for your Grinch paper bookmark. Also, select 2 or 3 different colored papers for the hat pattern. Trace the templates on the selected papers and cut them out carefully.  

When everything is cut out, attach the nose and the collar fur on the body base cutout (this includes the head and the upper body of the Grinch pattern. 

Next, attach the leg cutouts on the bottom side of the body base cutout. (See the images below for these three steps.)

First three steps for your Grinch bookmark

Now, take an arm cutout and attach the upper part of it with the body base on a side, keeping the rest of the arm free.

Next, attach the other arm cutout on the opposite side of the body base pattern. 

Finally, attach the eyes and the eyebrows to the head. Use a black gel pen to draw the mouth and the eye outlines. Fill the eyes with green sharpie or you can also use green colored construction paper. 

Steps 4-6 to creating your Grinch bookmark

To use the Grinch papercraft as a bookmark, slide a page between the body and the arms.

The Grinch bookmark is easy to make and fun for this holiday season - for kids and adults!

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