Make a Grinch plush ornament

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Tis the season for all of the fun holiday crafts and this DIY Grinch plush ornament is going to be one you will want to add to your holiday activities this season! We’ve picked up several craft sets in stores and my kids have really enjoyed making ornaments, snow globes and anything that gets us into the holiday spirit (and brings joy to all of us.)

Since this summer, we’ve been having a Family Movie Night almost every Friday or Saturday night. If the four of us are at home, someone gets a turn in choosing the movie. I’m a super fan of many Christmas movies, and the Grinch Who Stole Christmas is right there at the top of my favorites!

My youngest child loves anything plush (meaning all stuffed animals.) Since she also loves crafting, I thought this might be a fun one to have her assist me with. This is NOT a craft I think a child would be able to do on their own. This definitely needs a little more assistance.

What you need to make this Grinch plush:

  • Felt in green and black colors
  • Small amount of polyfill (stuffing)
  • Matching thread
  • A needle
  • Pen (like a fine tip Sharpie)
  • Ribbon (to attach for an ornament)
  • Scroll back up to get the template sent to your email!

Steps to make a Grinch plush ornament:

This image shows steps one through five

Step one – Download, print, and cut out the Grinch pieces. (Be sure to scroll back up to get the tempalte sent to your email!)

Choose your felt colors for the Grinch ornament. Use light green colored felt for the base, head, and lower body, arms, chest-fur and hair patterns; use dark green felt fabric for the eyebrows and nose patterns and red felt for the scarf. Trace the template patterns on the selected felt and cut out the patterns.

Step two – Stitch the nose cutout in the center of the head cutout.

Step three – Stitch the eyebrows on the head cutout as well, above the nose. Use a pen to trace the eyes and
mouth of the Grinch.

Step four – Use a black thread to sew along the traced eyes and mouth-line. Place the hair cutout on the top
side of the base cutout. The hair should be mostly outside the base cutout, only overlapping the base slightly on the top.

Step five – Place the head pattern on the head part of the base, keeping the hair cutout between the base and the head patterns.

This image shows steps six through 11.

Step six – Stitch along the outside to join the head and base together. Keep the inner side of the head open for stuffing. Place the chest-fur along the top side of the lower body cutout.

Step seven – Place the lower body cutout (along with the chest-fur) under the head, on the body part of the
base. Stitch the overlapped parts of the head and the lower-body. Place an arm cutout on a side, between the base and body layers and stitch the arm while stitching the side.

Step eight – Keep a small opening before stitching the other arm. Stuff the felt Grinch pattern with the polyfill through the small opening.

Step nine – Place the second arm in its place and close the opening to secure the stuffing and to join the arm.

Step ten – Tie a tight knot and cut off extra thread.

Step eleven – Create a loop with a small piece of ribbon. Attach (by stitching or glue) the ribbon loop on the back of the felt Grinch to complete the Grinch plush ornament.

This Grinch plush ornament is a fun DIY for the holidays. Free template included!

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