Why you need a Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machine

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Summer kicked off for my kids at the beginning of June, and I didn’t realize just how vital having a Hawaiian shaved ice machine would be for their summertime happiness. Before an outdoor family event in April, I don’t even remember the last time they had shaved ice or a snow cone, but it appears to be the one thing they want every week.

Why you need a Hawaiian Shaved Ice machine this summer

If you’ve been following for a while, chances are we are similar in age and you may be having flashbacks to a fun sno-cone maker from the 80s. The Hawaiian Shaved Ice machine is the opposite of the hand-cranked tool of our past! I was crazy impressed with how easy it is to use.

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First thing you’re going to want to do is freeze ice in the round cups they send. One of the round frozen blocks will make roughly 2 generously sized treat. The Hawaiian Shaved Ice party pack will come with two of the round bowls. Fill them to the “fill” line, and freeze overnight. (I first tried the shaved ice with regular ice cubes, and while it was good, it wasn’t amazing.)

When you’re ready to make the treats, let the ice sit out for about 5 minutes to soften. Then place it in the machine, put your bowl in the bottom to catch the shaved ice, and you’ll press the large gray button on top of the machine to get the ice to shave. Everything should look like fluffy and fine snow. I then put shaved ice into another bowl and pack it in (while adding to it every so often) until I have the desired amount.

Finally, I add the flavor. Hawaiian Shaved Ice has SO MANY flavors to choose from! We have blue raspberry, grape and cherry, and my kids like to have multiple flavors in one shaved ice. The tops for the bottles can get really tight, so be sure to pop those out of the bottle over your sink or outside.

Hawaiian Shaved Ice is fluffier and more snow-like than sno cones!

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Also if you have smaller kids, I highly, HIGHLY recommend using bowls and not the paper cups. Trust me on this. The syrup will come out of washable area rugs with a little Shout and an immediate wash. I thankfully don’t have a lot of carpet in my home.

I first tried the Hawaiian Shaved Ice with my kids and one of their friends, and the friend declared it the best treat ever. I’m well on my way to being the cool mom for the summer.

How easy is the Hawaiian Shaved Ice machine?

SO easy! It’s so easy to use, and I don’t find it dangerous if my kids are around. I just don’t let them get underneath me. The top button doesn’t stay on – so it’s active while you’re pressing it down. Once you release, the machine turns off.

What is the difference between a snow cone and shaved ice?

I honestly didn’t know the difference between Hawaiian shaved ice and a snow cone until I searched and then made our first shaved ice treats. The difference is the way the size of the ice. Snow cones are larger granules of ice, while shaved ice is lighter, fluffier and more snow-like. (Weird, right? That snow cones aren’t actually snow-like?)

What do you need to get started with Hawaiian Shaved Ice?

I have the Hawaiian Shaved Ice party package, and it was more than enough to get started! Really what you need is:

And don’t forget to use the code SHAVEDICE10 to save 10% on your purchase. The machines and flavored syrups are on sale right now, and the code is in addition to the sale price!

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