Holiday season bucket list!

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My son and I were walking through a store this afternoon and he mentioned that it was so weird to see Christmas stuff all over the place – and that Thanksgiving should be on display. I agreed with him. I feel like we JUST had fun with Halloween, and why are rushing through the season? As we were discussing this, I realized that I don’t want to really rush the holidays, but I also wondered if November 11 is too soon to start watching Christmas movies. (I have so many movies and it might take a while to get through them!) Which leads me to a bucket list for this season. I don’t necessarily want to check each item off our list, but I wouldn’t mind doing a lot of these things. 

  • Watch at least 5 of the holiday movies we have on DVD/Blu-ray
  • Introduce my son to the joys of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” (he REALLY loved the Halloween special and we watched it at least 4 times the week of Halloween!) 
  • Really decorate. I haven’t brought out a lot of my ceramics pieces in years, and this year I’m feeling much more sentimental about them. More on that sometime soon.
  • Make decorating our Christmas tree a true event. My son loves helping, and I want him to enjoy hanging all of our ornaments. 
  • Buy the kids new ornaments. I try to do this each year, but sometimes I wait too long. I’m determined to do this before Thanksgiving. 
  • Finish a ceramic piece for a Christmas gift. I started one two years ago and it needs to be completed this month. 
  • Go see Christmas lights! We love looking at lights in the neighborhood, or we could go to one of the area’s light shows. Either way, we need to do this. 
  • Celebrate with friends. 
  • Bake cookies! 
  • Mail our cards before December 1.
  • Be prepared with teacher gifts. (It never fails, I’m always running late when it comes to gifts.) 
  • Weekly movie nights with my husband and son – complete with hot chocolate because it seems my son LOVES hot chocolate. šŸ™‚ 
  • Donate toys to a local charity. 
  • Work on a few Christmas crafts with my kids.
  • Keep things simple. 

What are you hoping to do this holiday season?

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  1. We, Mark and I, have just decided we are going to use my artificial tree this year. We’ll see how it all goes. I want to get to a few Christmas parades. I also want to go to the event in Waynesville the weekend of December 9.

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