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I have ideas. So many ideas. And lists. I’m such a list maker.

Every year, I vow to make more gifts that I give at Christmas. And every year I fall short. This year, I’ve gone a step further. I have so many sewing projects – and I’ve bought the fabric for at least 3 of the projects. So it has to happen (or else I’ve just wasted a good amount of money.)

The husband is at a movie night with some friends. So of course I cut out material to make myself a camera strap.

You read that right. I’ve cut out fabric for a project that only benefits me. Kind of selfish. On the other hand, the camera strap should technically be pretty simple to make. So while it might be a little selfish to be making something for myself, it’s also instant gratification, I guess. I better finish the camera strap pretty quickly! (Want to see the fabric? Click here!)

I think I just thought of a fourth gift. And this one I can tell you about. We chose a child from the “giving tree” at my work, and we’re now responsible for Christmas gifts for a two-year-old little boy. I have his wish list, and I think I may also make him a soft book. Think that’s a bad idea? (Be honest here. If you were this kid’s mother, would you be offended if someone gifted your child a handmade book?)

Are you into handmade gifts for Christmas? Are you prepared to battle Black Friday customers – or taking it a step further and going out to the stores on Thanksgiving?

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