Hot dog mummies!

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I’ve mentioned a few times that we have a ton of hot dogs leftover from my husband’s birthday cookout/party this summer. (Thankfully they freeze well.) I’m so over hot dogs.

A few people that work with my husband know about our hot dog predicament and they sent him a photo on Facebook of hot dog mummies that seem to be all the rage on Pinterest and Facebook. I told him I thought I could take on the task of making them for his co-workers for Halloween, and went looking for a tutorial.

Except all of those images link to nowhere. Every single one I clicked on was spam or just the image (and this is why I HATE how people use Facebook as Pinterest!) So I winged it tonight and took pictures along the way. Hope this helps at least one other sucker wife/mom out there.

hotdogmummies I purchased two cans of crescent rolls. I ended up using only one (and we made 11 hot dogs.) First, I unrolled the package of crescent rolls, and I used a pizza cutter to slice the dough into thinner strips. Instead of cutting several hot dogs at once, I cut them one by one. I slit the hot dogs on the bottom for the legs and on the top, I slit two “arms”. The arms were the trickier pieces to wrap.

I took the dough and just started wrapping, leaving a little space on the top where the eyes would go.  (I’m letting the adults use ketchup or mustard to dot their “eyes”, so you won’t see those on my photos.) The shorter pieces of dough worked great in the top area and on the arms. It was somewhat haphazard and I think it worked out well.

It’s a little time consuming to wrap the hot dogs. It took about 5 minutes per hot dog.

I baked them according to the instructions on the crescent rolls, and when I realized the dough still wasn’t fully baked, I let them bake a few more minutes. I think total they were in the oven (at 375 degrees) for about 17 minutes.

Spray the pan before you put these on the baking sheet. It was not easy getting them off the metal sheet. The top image of my graphic above is the finished product. Mission accomplished.

So what are you up to this Halloween eve? Have any special treats planned for your kiddos or spouses co-workers?

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  1. I made some last weekend! Grace was not impressed….and tore all the mummy wrapping off and then ate the hotdog.
    oh well…at least i got a picture! lol

    1. I’m considering mummifying hot dogs tonight just to see if Lucas will eat them (because he won’t eat plain hot dogs anymore.) It’s worth a shot!

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