How to Make a 3D Paper Star Wreath

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This DIY 3D star wreath craft is easy to make and can be customized to fit any holiday or occasion with different colors and decorations.

My youngest is on a crafting kick and if the craft can be used as decorations for a holiday or season, I’m even more supportive of it. I love these 3D stars and the red, white and blue stars feel summery. Use this for the Fourth of July or Labor Day.

Supplies for the 3D Paper Star Wreath

How to Make the 3D Paper Star Wreath:

Step 1: Prepare the wreath base; we’re using a round base for our wreath. You can use store bought wreath base or prepare one from cardboard or thick craft foam. Use a burlap fabric strip or lace to wrap the wreath base.

Step 2: Wrap the wreath base evenly to cover its surface.

Step 3: Once the whole wreath base is covered, apply glue on the open end to secure the wrapping.

Step 4: Select red, blue and white craft papers to make the 3d stars. (You can use any colors you prefer.) Take any one of the selected papers and shape it into a square.

Step 5: Fold the square paper into half.

Step 6: Bring the right (closed) corner down by aligning its short side with the open long side of the current paper.

Step 7: Unfold the last fold.

Step 8: Now, bring the right (open) corner up by aligning its short side with the closed long side.

Step 9: Unfold the last fold. Notice that the last 2 folds have created an X crease.

Step 10: Bring the opposite right closed corner and join it with the intersected point of the X crease.

Step 11: Fold the last folded part in half by aligning its open (inner) side with its closed (outer) side.

Step 12: Align the closed side of the square part (of the current pattern) with the triangle part inside.

Step 13: Now, fold the current pattern in half.

Step 14: Notice the straight open side of the triangle part; use it as a tracing line. Cut off the extra parts using a pair of scissors.

Step 15: Unfold the whole pattern.

Step 16: Fold the longer creases upwards and push the shorter crease between the long ones but downwards. This will form a 3d star pattern.

Step 17: Next, make more 3d stars using 2 or 3 different sizes of paper and colors (blue, red and white). 

Step 18: Gather the crafted 3d stars, wreath base and craft glue.

Step 19: Attach the 3d stars on the wreath base using craft glue.

Step 20: Finally, you can either cover the whole wreath base with the 3d stars or leave some space open on your wreath.

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