How to pack for summer camp using labels from Name Bubbles

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Are your kids headed to summer camp in a couple of months? Get ready to pack for summer camp – and make sure their items come home with custom Name Bubbles camp labels! You can save 20% right now with code CAMP2022. Thank you to Name Bubbles for collaborating on this post. All opinions are my own.

I touched on summer camp must-haves a year ago when one of my kids was headed to camp (the other was continuing her preschool a few days a week over the summer.) This summer, both kids are school-aged and will be attending the same day camps! I’ve started preparing by ordering new Name Bubbles labels – you can save 20% on your next order (through August 31) with the code CAMP2022.

We’ve been using Name Bubbles labels for more than a year and I still love them. I started using the iron-on mask labels which are awesome because they’re not scratchy, and they’re small. And we’ve graduated to the larger labels for bags, bottles and other items we definitely want to be identified and returned home with our kids.

The labels aren’t exclusive to summer camp – anywhere my children’s items can be mixed up with other children’s items, I need a label. Shoes, swimsuits, towels, sunscreen, bug spray, water bottles, bags – they can all get a label.

What’s even better about Name Bubbles labels is they are extra durable! They are waterproof, microwave safe, dishwasher safe, freezer safe and last for what seems like forever. (Our water bottles from last year still have Name Bubbles labels intact.)

A camp labels pack comes with 73 labels. The sleepaway camp labels pack comes with 167 labels (again, great for clothing!) The labels even hold up to sunblock, so no worry about the labels sliding off a bottle easily.

What do you need to label when packing for summer camp?

The short answer is everything. The long answer is:

  • sandals
  • tennis shoes
  • bathing suit
  • towels
  • sunscreen
  • bug spray
  • extra change of clothes
  • backpack or tote bag your child will be using
  • goggles/swim mask
  • flashlight
  • sleeping bag
  • toiletry bag
  • all toiletries (think shampoo, bottle of soap, toothpaste, the toothbrush container)
  • glasses case (my kids don’t wear glasses, but I remember trying to keep up with mine as a middle and high schooler!)
  • hand sanitizer
  • pack of wipes
  • charging cords

The list can go on and on, depending on the type of camp your child is attending. My kids aren’t going to overnight camps, but I know we’ll be sending them with several items each day (so their lunches will need to be labeled.)

If you are needing to pack clothes for an overnight camp, I would also recommend using packing cubes – and labeling the cubes! We have three sets of packing cubes for our family of four, and it is plenty to keep us organized for long road trips and when we go camping.

How early should I begin packing?

As soon as you have a list from the camp on what is essential to bring, I would start setting things aside and labeling them so you don’t forget anything. (We also do this for back to school items. It’s the only way we can keep track of all items!) Keep in mind that so many parents will be shopping for the same items at the same time, so be prepared and pack early!

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