License Plate Bingo game for all ages

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This license plate bingo game is a free printable and includes five different Bingo boards. Print them and laminate them for repeated use. Great for most ages!

Last summer we visited the coast of North Carolina for a beach vacation. During that week, I stopped at a shop and found a Bingo game for the car – and accidentally bought two of the same boards. My kids have been playing with these two boards for the past year and no complaints. Except there has been no variety in the boards.

I did order a complete set from Amazon (which are very fun!), but still decided to create a few for additional options. We have an upcoming 12-hour (one way!) road trip this summer and we need all of the in-car entertainment we can get – preferably a non-screen form of entertainment.

My oldest is almost 13 and loves talking about different states we see along the way. My youngest child is 8 and is still learning states, so this is a great learning opportunity!

So here’s what I need you to do – first fill out the subscribe box to receive the downloads in your email. The printable comes with five different boards.

Then, print the boards. If you have multiple children, you can always print multiple copies. You can print two to a page, cut them and laminate them for repeated use. (I prefer having them laminated.) Otherwise, they’ll print at an 8.5×11″ size and they’ll be easier to read.

If you laminate the boards, you could have the kid(s) use a dry erase marker to check off the states.

How to play license plate bingo:

  • The driver or front seat passenger can assist by calling out license plate states as you see them.
  • Whoever is playing the game can check off the states if they have them on their board.
  • The first person to find five in a row wins. Five in a row can be down, across, or diagonal.

I’ve been taking road trips from North Carolina to New York for decades. As a young child, I remember writing down the license plates and trying to keep up with all of the different states. Once we found all 50, we’d try to make up new variations of the game (like finding the states in alphabetical order.) We didn’t have video games or devices to keep ourselves entertained on the 12-hour drives. šŸ™‚

My kids DO have devices and books to stay entertained, but this is something they enjoy doing on short and long trips. I’ll even call out states I see because they aren’t always able to see the states.

This license plate bingo game is a free tutorial and includes five different Bingo boards. Print them and laminate them for repeated use.

Looking for an easy way to store them in the car? We have over the seat organizers on the back of the seats (like these.) My husband and I each have them in our cars and they hold a lot of snacks, in addition to small items I don’t want hanging around the back seat.

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