Love Bug Robot Puppets Craft

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My youngest has been working on Valentine cards since early January. She loves making pictures and writing notes for family and friends, and these love bug robots are a little different from our normal crafts (and something she will totally love.)

These love bug robots are so cute and when attached to a paper bag, they make a fun puppet! You could also turn your bag around, attach the love bug robots so the open end of the bag is at the top and they’d be the perfect Valentine’s Day card holder. Without a paper bag, you could write on the heart and make these fun Valentines. So, really, love bug robots are pretty versatile.

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What you need to make Love Bug Robot puppets:

How to make your love bug robots:

Step one – Print and cut out the templates. Small paper bags will be used for the puppet, or you can make love bug robots without being a puppet. The robot template includes some small patterns. Select different colored paper to make the robot structure. Trace and cut out the patterns.

Step two – Attach the strip cutout with round corners along the top side of the head cutout and attach the
other strip cutout along the top side of the body cutout (the square piece.) Attach the ear cutouts
and the antenna cutouts together to complete each pattern.

Step three – Attach the ear patterns on both sides of the head pattern and attach the antenna pattern on the
top/middle part of the head pattern.

Step four – Attach the eye cutouts on the head, near the top part.

Step five – Use a sharpie or pen to draw the mouth and some dots (bolts) along the top side of the head.

Step six – Attach the leg cutouts on the bottom side of the body pattern.

Step seven – If you are making this into a puppet, this is when you’ll get your small paper bag out.

Step eight – Attach the body pattern on any one side of the paper bag, near the open end. The open end of the paper bag will be the bottom side of the puppet. Flatten the bottom part of the paper bag with the
front part.

Step nine – Attach the head pattern on the flattened bottom side of the paper bag.

Step ten – Attach the arm cutouts on both sides of the body part, keeping the arms faced inside.

Step eleven – Trace and cut out a heart shape and write down a message on it. Slide the heart shaped piece
under the arms to complete the craft.

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