meal planning – a little less chicken this week

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Last week was a huge success with our meal planning – and having everything prepped beforehand. This week, we’re scaling back on the chicken, but because we still had some ingredients we wanted to use up, I still precooked (less) chicken to use this week.

Oh, and while we had a menu, we ended up going out to dinner last night (we had a Groupon to use) so I’ve adjusted the days/meals for the rest of the week. Lucky for me, I had Friday night open, and now it has a meal in its place.

One more note, we had so many leftovers last week (that weren’t always eaten for lunch the next day because of work providing lunches, etc.) that a couple of meals were moved to this week.

Monday – Fajitas. The chicken is precooked and I cut all of the vegetables last night! This should be a breeze this evening.


Tuesday – Grilled cheese sandwiches and soup. Easy, quick and since I am hoping to go to my ceramics class this night, this should work out well.

Wednesday – Chili

Thursday – BBQ chicken pizzas (so fast and easy – the husband can easily do these before I get home from work.)

Friday – Grilled chicken and a vegetable. I stocked up on vegetables (frozen, but they steam in the microwave) this weekend.

Saturday – Meatloaf and a side vegetable.

I should also note that while I don’t plan out my lunches here, I do tend to take my lunch. We generally prepare 4 (or 5) servings so that we have plenty of leftovers for lunches – and that fifth serving is for the baby. He obviously doesn’t eat as much as we do….usually.

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