menu planning Monday (the carryover edition)

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We got a little off on our weekly grocery shopping with the vacations thrown into the mix. So I’ve just been off. Add in the garden (and some unexpected huge zucchinis last week) and we haven’t been sticking to our menu. Not that it’s a bad thing…it just means that some of our meals get pushed to the next week (because we freeze meat, and are looking to eat the produce asap so it doesn’t go to waste.)

So this is our plan for the week.

Sunday – Chicken stir fry with quinoa. This carried over from last week. (Vegetables were frozen, quinoa was something we wanted to use up and chicken was frozen.)

MondayRosemary crusted pork tenderloin. We had the pork tenderloin in the freezer, so I googled “Real Simple magazine pork tenderloin recipe”, and came up with this. I remember seeing another recipe that I was hoping to find again, but hopefully this will be good too. Oh, and as a side, we’ll have grilled zucchini.

Tuesday – Salad, salad, salad.

Wednesday – Bison burgers. With either a salad for a side or a grilled vegetable. And this was carried over from last week.

ThursdayPasta a la caprese. Fresh tomatoes, basil, garlic and mozzarella over ziti noodles. Yum. (The link is to a photo I took three years ago of the dish. It’s a summer dish that I could eat every night if given the opportunity.)

Friday – Open.

Saturday – Pizza from one of the local places near our house. We’re celebrating the husband’s birthday, and I thought pizza would be easy.

As for snacks, last week I busted out the microwave chip trays I bought from Pampered Chef a couple of months ago. So I’ve been cutting tortillas up, sprinkling a chili powder on them, and cooking them for two minutes. No grease, easy to do and they’re super good. I’m officially obsessed.

I was also good this weekend in buying a lot of fruit for us to snack on. Trying to make the healthier decisions. So we have a good amount of grapes, watermelon and cherries at our disposal. (The watermelon was given to us by my grandma who didn’t have space in her fridge for 3/4 of the melon she bought, and the grapes and cherries were both on sale.)

What do you have planned (to eat) for the week?

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  1. clicking thru your links – good to know you like the chip maker. i’m sure i’ll be invited to a party soon enough, and i always like knowing what works well and what doesn’t.

    also checking out that pork recipe.

    1. I had the pork leftovers today for lunch. Still good. 🙂 And I’m considering using the chip maker to make chips for a party (or two) that we’re hosting. It’s that awesome.

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