The best labels for Back to School time

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My kids are heading back to school sooner than I had anticipated, and I’m getting ready to use a lot of back to school labels. Name Bubbles labels help keep us organized – and they’re fun to use. Save 20% on your labels with code BTS20!

Summer is flying by, and I just unpacked my son’s backpack this week. It took me six weeks to empty it (because I needed him to use it for a day at summer camp) and I found a lot of unused school supplies that were sent home more than a month ago. What was so surprising about a lot of the items wasn’t that they were sent home, but they were sent home because the teacher knew who to send them home with since they were properly labeled. And I used Name Bubbles on my kids’ school supplies last fall.

We don’t have our full school supply list for August yet, but I can guess most of the list, based on our lists from the past five years. And since so many items were returned to us last month, I’m able to save money on supplies. Even better is saving 20% off labels from Name Bubbles using code BTS20 (this code is good now through September 30, 2022.)

Why are Name Bubbles labels the best labels?

They’re customizable. I can put my child’s first name or first and last names on the labels. They offer so many designs, and you can even upload your own design (I haven’t done this option…yet.)

They’re waterproof. I label my kids’ water bottles, and the labels have withstood countless washings – by hand and in the dishwasher.

They last and last and last. The photos of my son’s school supplies are using labels from LAST summer. These are the supplies his teacher sent home – and the labels are still intact and look great.

They come in several sizes. I love having a variety of sizes. You can use one of the small rectangles to go around your child’s headphones cord. They have sizes that work on shoes, for small items like crayons, larger items like notebooks and even labels that will work on fabric. (I love the iron-on labels for the hoodies I send to stay in the classroom. Just a heads up that the iron-on labels are meant to be permanent.)

They also look way better than a permanent marker on the pencil cases. My daughter’s teacher sent home a pencil case with her name written on the case, but it was very faded. Name Bubbles labels don’t fade.

What school items can Name Bubbles labels be used?

  • notebooks
  • pens/pencils (wrap them around!)
  • tags of clothing
  • boxes of crayons or markers
  • packs of paper
  • masks (iron-on!)
  • pencil case/pouch
  • head phones (again, wrap the label around the wire)
  • backpack
  • shoes!

The best Back to School labels are on sale with the code BTS20! Get yours today from Name Bubbles.

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