Kicking off my year with Noom (review)

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I’m in my second time using Noom and it’s time to give you a complete Noom review. 

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Almost three years ago, I started hearing about Noom. My husband was the first in our house to try it out, and I followed his journey before I decided to go for it. I did lose some weight and got to a great place health-wise, but discontinued my membership a few months in. 

Fast forward to the end of 2019 and I was at a standstill. I spoke to my doctor about how I was feeling, and nothing seemed to be sticking. I keep getting to one weight and plateauing. My doctor was confused, as was I, and I was getting very frustrated. I don’t strive to have the body I had at age 25. I’m realistic. However, I know I’m not my best self right now and I want to try to avoid certain illnesses and issues down the road. Once again, my husband has been using Noom for a few months and a few weeks ago I decided to give it a shot again. 

Noom is more than a weight loss app. While the ultimate goal is to get to a healthier weight, it also looks at your overall health. You have to answer a series of questions before you even get into the app, and they aren’t your standard height, weight, age questions. They’re more to find out about your current lifestyle, what your short and long-term goals are, and the app helps figure out where your downfall is. For me, it’s sugar. I love sugar.

Try Noom for two weeks! I wasn’t sure if I would go past the two week free trial, but when I had lost more than 4 pounds in the first week, I figured I should at least see what I could do in four months. 

(Noom review) A look at the food analysis in the Noom app

My Goal Specialist – basically my personal cheerleader – through Noom chats with me every few days and we discuss what my triggers might be, what obstacles I might be facing and how to overcome those. She is also really encouraging when I’m clearly doing something well. 

I'm using the Noom app to work on my weight loss and fitness goals this year - and here's how it's going! #Noom #affiliate #workout #fitness #health

Foods are categorized by color (green, yellow and green) and I get reminders to track my food during the day. It keeps track of my steps, and right now one of my goals is to exercise 4 out of 5 weekdays. I do a great job of exercising on the weekend, but the work week can be my downfall. I’m back at work this semester, and I’ve managed to keep up with this goal! 

The key to succeeding on Noom is knowing you won’t be perfect every day, and it’s ok. It’s fine to ask to start over, or to have an off day. I’ve had a couple of days that I just want to eat all the carbs (and I totally talk it through with my Goal Specialist.) The app provides new tips and articles every day, and while I haven’t read through everything consistently, I do try to check things off first thing in the morning and start my day with a positive mindset. 

(Noom review) A look at an article/tips in the Noom app

Have you tried Noom? What are you doing for yourself this year? 

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