DIY Paper Bear Bookmark for Kids

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Both of my kids are into chapter books and this paper bear bookmark is an easy and fun craft for most ages – and it’s useful when your child has pages to keep up with!

We’ve entered a stage where both of my kids are getting into or are already completing chapter books. My oldest has a stash of bookmarks he tries to use for his books (because he can’t just be in the middle of one book. Kind of like his mom.) My youngest is starting to acquire fun bookmarks. And when they don’t have bookmarks, I find them using random cards (Pokemon cards are often used) or objects to hold their spots in a good book.

And now we have this paper bear bookmark that can be made in a variety of colors to appease both kids. Sign up below to download the template and start creating your own bookmarks this week!

If you’re new here, I also have a cute bunny bookmark craft that would be great to go along with this bear.

What do you need to make a paper bear bookmark?

It’s fairly simple, but you will need:

How do you make a paper bear bookmark?

  • First, choose your cream, pink and 2 different shades of brown paper. Trace the body, head and the two separate leg patterns on either of the brown colored papers. Trace the big circle on the other brown paper, the small oval shape on the cream paper and the two small patterns on pink paper. Cut out the traced patterns.
  • Next, attach the cream oval shaped cutout near the bottom side of the head pattern and attach the two pink inner ear patterns in the middle of the ear parts.
  • For the next steps, use a black sharpie to draw the eyes, mouth and nose of the paper bear.
  • Then apply glue along the straight side of the separate leg patterns and attach them on the top side of the body pattern.
  • Remember to keep the rest of the leg pattern free if you want to use this paper bear bookmark to hug the page.
  • Finally, attach the head on the top side of the body pattern to complete the craft.

I love that this bookmark can hug the corner of the page, rather than be stuck in between pages. However, you can choose to place it closer to the spine of a book in between the pages. Any way you choose! This craft shouldn’t take too long, and if you want to create a few bookmarks, just cut them all out at once to save some time. My daughter loves to make crafts with different color papers and markers, so I envision her trying to make a purple or pink bear very soon. The sky is the limit with some imaginations!

This paper bear bookmark is easy for kids of all ages to make, but fun for the adults to help pull together. The bear bookmark hugs the pages, or you can glue the legs in place so it doesn't hug the page and rests in between pages. Free template included!

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