Pokemon foods that kids will love! (Perfect for a party or play date)

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I mentioned previously that my son is becoming Pokemon-crazed, and last night I mentioned he wants his next birthday party theme to be all Pokemon, all the time. His birthday party is less than two months away and I’m now planning because I know that this time is going to get away from me. And as a mom who still doesn’t quite understand the game, I know even less about what Pokemon food will be fun to serve. 

I do have an idea for a cake, though, and that came to me overnight. I love when ideas come to me relatively quickly, but now I’m wondering if I should do a practice Pokemon cake this month? (I’m only half kidding.) 

20 Pokemon food options kids will love. These recipes and tutorials are perfect for a Pokemon party or playdate!

So I’ve rounded up some Pokemon foods that I think will be perfect for this birthday party. I would love to hear your suggestions, though! I’ll definitely be trying a few of these and of course sharing them as soon as I can.

Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons – Pokemon Twinkie Treats

Nerdy Mamma – Jigglypuff Punch

And Next Comes L – Pikachu Cake

Lemon Lime Adventures – Pokemon Trail Mix

Ashlee Marie – Pokemon GO Sugar Cookies

A Turtles Life for Me – Pokemon Cake

Cake is Not a Lie – Pokemon Real Life Pokepuffs

The Small Adventurer – Giant Pokemon Pokedex Rice Krispies Treat

Family Maven – Pokemon Candy Pokeballs

The Gluttonous Geek – Seared Farfetch’d with Leeks

Creative Vegan – Rice Pokeball

Pretty Cake Machine – Pokemon Inspired Jelly Filled Donuts

Here Come the Girls – Pokemon Pizza

Cake Whiz – Pikachu Donuts

Vegan Doll House – Lemon Blueberry Snorlax Cake

Nerdy Mamma – Pika Pikaaaa Pikachu Punch

Thrifty Jinxy – Pokemon Ice Pops

Lemon Lime Adventures – Pokemon Cupakes

I Save A2Z – Easy Pokeball Oreo Pops

Rosanna Pansino – Pokemon Ice Cream Cones

What am I missing? And what kind of games would you suggest? I’m still debating the location. Our house could work for this, but we may opt to have the party at another location like we did last year.

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  1. Thanks for including my Pokedex Rice Krispies Treat! It was SO much fun to make, and even more fun to eat ? Plus, I love finding other recipes inspired by Pokemon, so I’ll definitely have to check out everyone else’s posts too!

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