R2D2 Paper craft (using an empty toilet paper roll!)

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I have a family of Star Wars fanatics, and my kids love a good craft. This R2D2 paper craft is a fun craft for all ages!

This R2D2 paper craft is a fun way to upcycle empty rolls from paper towels or toilet paper!

My son has been into Star Wars ever since he was able to begin grasping the concept of the movies. My husband has watched most of the movies with him, and they are all in. My daughter has started getting into whatever her older brother is into, so she’s all about the various characters.

If you don’t have toilet paper rolls, save a couple of rolls from your paper towels and cut them in half for this craft. We tend to have several rolls each week going into recycling so it’s fun to try to upcycle various products into crafts!

How to make the R2D2 Paper Craft

List of Supplies:


Step by step details for the R2D2 paper craft

Select white, grey, red and blue colored papers. Trace the patterns on the selected craft papers as noted on the template. Cut out the traced patterns using scissors. Measure and cut out a white paper big enough to cover the toilet paper roll. Also cut a grey strip for the border along either long side of the white paper.

Stick the grey strip cutout along either side of the white paper prepared to cover the roll. Stick the small square and rectangle cutouts along the bottom side of the half round shape cutout (head). Stick blue strips on the stands (leg cutouts).  

Stick the 2 blue strips and square cutouts in the middle of the large white paper. Stick the small grey round cutout in the middle of the blue squares.

Use a blue sharpie to trace outline of the squares, strips and round shapes. Stick the red round cutout in the middle of the middle square attached along the bottom end of the head pattern.  Draw a black filled circle in the middle of the blue trapezium shape of the head. Stick the grey square cutout on the right top end of the head (facing outside). 

Grab the empty toilet paper roll and trace the middle stand pattern on the bottom side of it. Keep the sides intact so that the toilet paper roll R2D2 can stand straight. 

Stick the middle stand on the cutout part of the toilet paper roll. 

Cover the toilet paper roll with the white paper, making sure to keep the blue parts right above the middle stand.

Attach the side stands on both sides of the roll and the head pattern on the top side of the roll. 

This R2D2 paper craft is a fun way to upcycle empty rolls from paper towels or toilet paper!

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