New year, new goals and trying Sandwich Bros. to meet my goals

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It’s a new year, and I am trying to stick to eating in the majority of this month. (It kind of goes hand in hand with no extra spending in January.) I’ve done eat-in months in the past, but after December I REALLY needed it. My office looks out at Main Street, and I have three restaurants that are exceptional (and one that offers $5 burritos – who can say no to that?) So January is a challenge for me, but I think I’m handling it well. This month I also have a little help from Sandwich Bros.  

Sandwich Bros. of Wisconsin® makes protein-packed sandwiches that are perfect for snacktime, breakfast or lunch. I’m a big snacker and their Chicken Melts are the perfect size for a mid-afternoon snack. (Better than me walking over to our bookstore and grabbing a candy bar – which is against my no-spend January rules!)  

My entire family went back to school and work last week after being out for 2+ weeks. As you can imagine, it’s been tough to go back. It’s cold, everyone has been suffering from colds (or pneumonia – oy!) and on the first morning back, I completely forgot to prepare food for myself. I had lunch mid-morning, but it wasn’t a perfect start to my day. My husband has been eating the breakfast sandwiches some mornings, and I am so glad that they’re SO packed with protein. He needs the extra protein to tide him over until lunchtime (which is different every day with his job.) 

These are also a perfect size for my son. I know that I could heat one up in the microwave and he would have breakfast in the car ready in under a minute. 

So we have a really great Greek restaurant near our house (brand new to our area and so convenient for me to swing by there!) My favorite meal is the Greek platter, and I was really excited to see Sandwich Bros. Gyro Slider. So great to get me past the craving for the entire platter! Made with beef and topped with an herbed yogurt cheese, it’s really tasty. 

The Chicken Melts are made with chicken and topped with a slice of American cheese. Sandwich Bros. says this is their most popular sandwich, and I can see why. I bought a few of these boxes because my kids can eat them on the weekends, or even for dinner. (Sometimes my kids eat SO MUCH, and other nights it’s tough to get them to eat 5 bites of one thing.) 

Cooking all of the products is fairly simple. All of my boxes came with 4 sandwiches per box, individually wrapped. Unwrap the sandwich, then wrap the sandwich with a paper towel and cook in the microwave (with the cheese side up) for the time that is mentioned on the box. (Cooking times vary.) 

I found Sandwich Bros. products at my local grocery store (Ingles) in the microwave meals (frozen food) section. Walmart also carries their products. Check out their “Where to Buy” section on their website to find the retailer near you – I love that their sandwiches are so accessible!  

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  1. Sausage & Cheese for breakfast followed by Gyro Sliders. These look good and I see they sell them at Walmart and Walgreens by us.

  2. I went to Safeway but there’s nothing there can you let me know where I get this thank you.

    1. They haven’t been active on their social media, but it looks like their products may be out of production right now. I’ve messaged the company to see if I can get any sort of update.

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