Tips to Save Money on School Supplies

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Let’s face it, school supplies aren’t cheap. The cost can really add up, especially if you have more than one child to buy for. My son starts kindergarten in a few short weeks, and I am almost ready supplies-wise. Keep reading, to learn how you can save money on school supplies. It’s probably easier than you think!

Tips to save money on school supplies

Inventory What You Have on Hand

If you feel you must buy new supplies, the best place to look is definitely online. 

Shop Year-Round Sales

Even though school supply requirements sometimes change from year-to-year, things like pencils, markers, folders and notebooks are considered “the basics.” Watch for sales on these items throughout the year. Buy in bulk and put everything away until late August, early September rolls around.

Set Limits

If you’re buying school supplies for older kids, there’s a good chance they’ll ask for the brand name or “trendy” items they think their friends are buying. In this case, use the art of compromise. Let them pick out a couple of more expensive items. For everything else on the list, stick to bargain prices.

Take Advantage of Social Media

It only takes a minute to follow your favorite stores on popular social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. It never hurts to go one step further and sign-up for their newsletters as well. Why? Most stores reward loyal followers with surprise coupons and discounts. If you typically shop at more than one store, the savings can really add up.

Tips to save money on school supplies

Leave Credit Cards at Home

Don’t pay for school supplies with a credit card, unless you absolutely have to. Using credit makes it extremely easy to over-spend. In addition, if you don’t pay off your balance every month, you’ll end up paying even more in finance charges.

Watch the Sales

I’ve been watching a few stores since Kindergarten registration in May. (That’s when we received the school supplies list.) When Pottery Barn put their backpacks on sale a few weeks ago, I got my son’s input on what he wanted – and saved quite a bit. (I went quality over cost for the backpack. There’s even a warranty with this bag, and I still spent around $30 for something that should last a while.) I purchased glue sticks for $2 for what I thought were 6 sticks. Turns out there were 8 in a package (I shopped online and picked up in store), and that saved me even more. Little things like that are going to add up to big savings!

These are just a few tips, meant to help you save on school supplies. Remember, with a little ingenuity and advance planning, getting your kids ready for the new school year doesn’t have to break the bank.

How are you saving money on school supplies this year?

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