School themed bookmarks (a tutorial)

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Our county’s schools begin this week and we officially have kids at two different schools (which will be the case for the rest of their school careers.) We met the teachers last week, and I’m excited to see what the school year brings. And first up? (Back to) school themed bookmarks.

I love how these school themed bookmarks come together. They’re easy if you use the template (sign up below to receive the PDF in your email!) and they turned out SO CUTE.

Feel free to make these for your kids and get them a little more excited about reading early in the school year. I also think the school themed bookmarks would be fun to add to teacher gifts! (So bookmark this for later in the school year when we need teacher appreciation ideas. Attach one to a gift card for your child’s teachers.)

Back to School themed Bookmarks - also great for teacher appreciation!

What you need to make school themed bookmarks:

Steps to make the bus (part of the school themed bookmarks tutorial)

How to make your school themed bookmarks:

These are the directions for the bus bookmark since it’s the more detailed craft. The others will work similarly.

Step one – Select colored craft papers for the school themed bookmarks. The template includes a school bus, apple, pencil and a book. Trace the template patterns on the selected craft paper and cut them out nicely using a pair of scissors.

Step two – Glue the strip 2 cm above the bottom edge of the bus base cutout. Glue the front light to the front part of the bus, above the strip.

Step three – Apply glue on the bus to mark the positions of the windows, or you can apply glue on the backside of the window cutouts.

Step four – Glue the small round cutouts on the big round cutouts to craft the wheels.

Step five – Glue the wheel patterns along the bottom side of the school bus pattern. Keep half of the wheels overlapped with the bottom part of the bus pattern.

Step six – Use a sharpie or pen to trace outlines of the windows and wheels. Select a popsicle stick of any size as you wish.

Step seven – Attach the bus pattern on the popsicle stick to complete the bookmark. Similarly, craft the other items and attach them to a popsicle stick.

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