Sesame Street 2nd birthday party!

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Our boy turned 2 over a week ago and we celebrated with a Sesame Street party! He loves Sesame Street and he no longer has just one favorite (Elmo). He loves Cookie Monster, Big Bird and the Count. So I knew we had to do a Sesame Street theme.


Look who says “cheese” now when he sees a camera?

Like last year, I hung his monthly photos. I used twine, clothespins and two thumbtacks (to tie the twine to.)Ā  The monthly photos are one of my favorite things when I see them all together like this.

I started planning for the party by buying an Elmo cake pan. I made the cake, and my mom frosted it.

My sister-in-law had a Big Bird cake pan and she not only made the cake, she frosted Big Bird AND brought him a few hundred miles to the party!

Both cakes were huge hits.

I made the invitations in Photoshop and had them printed at Sam’s Club. The photo is one I took back in June (and his Sesame Street romper was made by my mom.)

I sewed a bunting the day before the party – it took about 2 minutes (really) to sew. It happened to work well on our table with 12 triangles. It’s the one you see along the table. The red/yellow “happy birthday” banner is from last year. I intend on doing a red/yellow theme for as long as possible so I can get full use of the birthday banner!

I made the water bottle labels and threw those together a few days before the party.

I also baked sugar cookies in the shapes of L & 2 (because the party was brought to you by the letter “L” and number “2”!) I used store bought cookie decorating icing and I iced those the day before the party. The morning of the party, I decided to bake more sugar cookies in the shapes of the Sesame Street characters. I did not ice them.

Favor bags were gift bags from Michaels and we gave kids a Sesame Street book, bottle of bubbles, Sesame Street stickers and goldfish crackers.


We ordered 8 pizzas for roughly 30 people. We had so much pizza left over. Six pizzas would have been more than enough.

We had banners that were originally going to be hung outside, but it started to thunder, so they went inside.

Every time he would get a gift, he’d look at it (or in the bag) and say, “What IS it?”

Overall, it was a fun, busy, hectic day. I think the birthday boy had a great time. He loved seeing all of the Elmo and Cookie items and I loved that he picked up on everything this year. We had about 30 people at his party this year. We’re thinking that next year we’ll do a family-only celebration. Now I need ideas for red/yellow party themes.

Where everything came from:
–Cookie cutters are from Sweet Baking Supply.
–Invitations were designed by me, printed at Sam’s Club as 5×7 or 4×6 photos.
–Water bottle labels are designed by me. (You can purchase the download in my Etsy shop.)
–The happy birthday banner was made by me last year.
–The banner on the table was made by me. I used leftover fabric from a hat my mom made.
–Elmo cake was made by me. The cake pan was purchased at JoAnns with a 50% off coupon.
–Big Bird cake was made by my sister-in-law. She scored the cake pan at a yard sale I think for $1.
–Favors came from the Dollar Tree.
–Elmo balloons also came from the Dollar Tree!
–Sesame Street fondant cutters (for the sugar cookie faces) are similar to these on ebay (I bought mine on ebay and use them for cheese, snacks and now cookies).
–Sesame Street character banners came from Mendie, but originally Party City.

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