sewing-filled Sunday

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This afternoon, Nancy and Mai came over for another sewing session. Mai went astray on her bag, making a different pattern than Nancy and I. (To her defense, she already had fabric cut for a bag. She just hadn’t put it together yet.)

The pattern we used was the Lickety Split bag pattern. Sadly, it wasn’t very lickety split. It took us roughly 4 hours (when before, it took Nancy about 1.5 hours.)

I started with these two fabrics:
And the three of us worked hard:
I ended with this (reversible) bag:

There’s a pocket on each side (but I can hide it if I’m carrying the bag a certain way.)

And the strap is adjustable, as the handle is just tied and can be re-tied based on the length I want that day.

Again, I’m in love. We’re already planning our next sewing session, which may have to come after my Hawaii trip.

After they left, I made an iPod holder. I need to buy some more velcro tomorrow, but I hope to take pictures of the case. It’s cute – though not perfect, by any means. It’ll do the job, though (protect the screen of the iPod) and it was made with scrap fabric. It definitely beats spending more money on something like that!

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  1. I’m jealous. One, of the fact that you have a sewing machine that works. And two, that you had FOUR hours to make something so damn cute.

  2. I only had 4 hours to work on this because I ignored everything else in my house yesterday – I had a whole “to do” list and I think the only thing checked off was “walk the dogs.” (If all of my days could consist of walking the dogs and sewing, I’d be set!)

    Oh, and I’m pretty sure I’ve only used the sewing machine about a dozen times since I bought it a year ago. I have high hopes for it, though. I’m LOVING the items I’ve created!

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