The most fun Christmas gift from Hawaiian Shaved Ice

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I have the hardest time coming up with fun Christmas gifts for certain people, but this year I have the best unique Christmas gift good for any adult you might be shopping for! My love for the Hawaiian Shaved Ice machine is no secret, but after trying the Hawaiian Shaved Ice Home Pro shaver, my love grew by leaps and bounds!

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The Home Pro Shaved Ice Machine is faster and perfect for larger groups! (Don’t get me wrong, my standard shaved ice machine is fun, and it’s good for our family of 4.) A few weeks ago, I made shaved ice for a larger group of people – before I received the home pro shaver – and it took a little more time and effort.

The new pro shaver comes with 5 bowls to freeze your ice, and the bowls have lids! My biggest tip when it comes to the ice is making sure you only fill the bowl 75% or a little under that. Any more and the machine won’t close and you can’t make your treats. I do love that I can stack the bowls in the freezer, saving a little space.

I ordered 5 new flavors in festive colors to try with my family and friends. You can purchase bundles of 3 or 5 flavors (another thing I was unaware of until I went searching!) My kids LOVE trying the new flavors, and mixing the flavors.

Why would the Hawaiian Shaved Ice Home Pro shaver make the perfect gift this year?

Let me count the ways:

  • Who doesn’t love shaved ice? You can make so many flavors, and with the Shaved Ice Home Pro, you can now many a lot MORE cups of shaved ice in a fraction of the time.
  • The Shaved Ice Home Pro machine is tall, versus wide, and takes up less counter space. I love that it can live on my limited counter space because we use it often. I love the look of the machine (it blends in with my other countertop appliances!)
  • It’s quick! You can make shaved ice in under a minute.
  • The Shaved Ice Home Pro can switch between two types of ice shavings – you can get a more dense shaved ice or coarse. It’s all done with a knob on the underside of the machine blade.
  • I feel like it’s fairly safe. It won’t turn on until the top is clicked into place, so if your ice is too large, it won’t fully close. I had concerns about this at first, but worry no more! They thought of everything.

What can you put on shaved ice?

The Hawaiian Shaved Ice syrups are perfect – and their website has more than two dozen flavors! You can order pints or quarts (and even gallons!), single flavors or create a package of flavors (which tend to be discounted a little.) I have 8 flavors for my kids to choose from and they love having options.

How can you save on Hawaiian Shaved Ice?

Shop NOW! You can save 10% across their website with code LOVEJAIME.

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