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It’s hard to believe sometimes that it has been more than 9 years since we first brought Chloe home. Even harder to believe that we had no intentions of adopting a cat that day. (And boy were we foolish!) I remember my husband saying “let’s just go look at cats. We aren’t going to bring one home. Just get an idea for what’s out there.” And a few hours later, Chloe (who at the time was named Frenchie – not a name we chose) was in the car, heading to her new home. 

After Chloe chose us to be her new humans, I remember wandering through the pet store looking for the necessities…and trying to figure out what the necessities really were. Litter box? Definitely. Cat litter? Yep! Food? Of course. Water bowl? Sure. I mean, she needed something better than a regular dish we had, right? Cat bed? Oh yes. She wasn’t going to sleep in our bed. I mean, she’s an animal! 

Turns out, she just needed a few nights to figure out her place was on my side of the bed. While we still have a cat bed for her (two actually – one in the living room, and one in the basement), we’ve since donated a couple of cat beds to our local shelters because she wasn’t using them. She prefers a real bed or one of the comfortable chairs in the house.

Cat's Pride Litter For Good program

We had no clue what brands of food and litter we wanted to go with. We were guided towards a specific food she’d been eating in her foster situation, but the litter was completely up to us. We’ve tried a few things over the years. Right now, Cat’s Pride® is donating litter to local shelters whenever someone purchases the Fresh & Light® Cat’s Pride litter in the green jugs. I found it easily at Walmart. (And what better way to give back to a shelter that rescued our Chloe?) 

Cat's Pride Litter For Good

Cat's Pride Litter For Good program

The program is called Litter for Good™ and if you visit you can sign up for the free Cat’s Pride® Club to nominate a shelter to receive litter donation. 

I follow two of our local shelters/animal rescue groups online, and while I would LOVE to adopt all of the cats, Chloe won’t allow it. She’s definitely an only cat and we wouldn’t want her any other way. She loves our kids, she thinks the world of me (except maybe when I bring a baby into the house) 😉 and I know she’s grateful for my husband picking her out of all of the other cats that day in the pet store. My husband clearly knew what he was doing when he selected her. I was still convinced the tuxedo cat was the way to go! 

And since I can’t adopt all of the cats, I do make an effort to give them supplies throughout the year, as well as donating money when I’m able. I’ve already signed up my favorite local animal rescue group for the Litter for Good program, and I would love it if you signed up your favorite shelter! 

Are you a cat lover? (It’s no secret in my family that I’m a total cat person. I’ve always had a love for cats, since I was a child!) 

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  1. Chloe is a beautiful cat! She looks really happy and healthy. I have two cats myself and they get along purrrfectly well with my dog. My family and I regularly donate to our local animal shelter. I totally feel the same way as you. If I could only adopt them all, I would!

  2. I’m more of a dog person having had a dog growing up. I do like cats and it’s awesome that you can support local shelters by buying this product.

  3. This is such a great way to help local shelter cats. I love visiting our local shelter and hanging out in the cat room. It’s so much fun to pet them and just sit as they check us out. It’s therapy for my oldest to go do this every so often together.

  4. Your cat is so beautiful! We have recently adopted a tuxedo cat. He is still a little shy, but I am sure pretty soon he will warm up to the family. That brand of cat litter I haven’t tried yet, but I will pick some up next time I shop – and I will get one more to donate to our local animal shelter too.

  5. This product sounds wonderful for cats. We don’t have cats in our home but I will pass this along to my sister with two little cats!

  6. We have three cats here! Before we had our feline friends, we used to do at litter and such to our local shelter

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