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I’m such a fan of corn. I love eating steamed corn, corn on the cob, popped corn. And when I was given the opportunity to try LOVE CORN, I knew this was going to be good. 

Love Corn snacks

What I love about LOVE CORN snacks: 

  • They’re made with plant based ingredients
  • The ingredients are simple (and readable!) 
  • Super crunchy, without being extra hard on the teeth
  • Extremely tasty!
  • They can be standalone snacks or added to other foods (like a snack mix or even a salad.) 

The LOVE CORN snacks are available in four flavors: Sea Salt, Smoked BBQ, Habanero Chili and Salt & Vinegar. They are vegan, gluten free, Non-GMO, kosher and sugar free. The Sea Salt flavor of LOVE CORN snacks lists three ingredients: non-GMO corn, sea salt and sunflower oil. 

My favorites so far are the Sea Salt and the Salt & Vinegar. They’ve become a great substitution for chips. I have to admit that the Habanero Chili has a real kick (and isn’t a great for my kids, at the moment.)

Save 25% on all LOVE CORN products with promo code MOMSLOVE. (This offer is valid through October 31, 2021.)

In a year where snacks have been king, I think LOVE CORN is a great addition to the snack box. (Have I mentioned we started the pandemic with a snack box? The kids could get whatever they wanted from the box throughout the day and it drastically cut down on how many times I was hearing, “Can I have a snack?” My kids have since started getting snacks from the fridge themselves, and it’s been nice.) 

I also think that these snacks have been a great addition to my work bag. When I go to work, I’m taking my lunch most days, and all of my snacks. They come in a couple of different sizes, making them easy to have larger bags at home, or the snack pack sizes for on the go.

Be sure to stock up before October 31, 2021! Save 25% on all LOVE CORN products with promo code MOMSLOVE.

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