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I don’t think we meant for this to be a lazy holiday. We had plans, and most of my plans had us outside. But it has rained. And rained and rained.

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We haven’t had much rain this summer, so while this is welcome and unusual, it’s also frustrating for the almost 4-year-old. He told us earlier that it couldn’t rain anymore. He HAD to play outside (and he was super tired and in dire need of a nap.) He slept hard, but it’s still gray and wet and our cookout looks like it may be a cook-in this evening. (That’s ok. It’s at my mom’s, and there are just a couple of us going.)

We saw “Inside Out” today. It’s a cute movie! I didn’t get overly emotional, but it was interesting to watch the boy take it all in. He’s pretty expressive when it comes to his emotions. He tells us when he’s feeling sad or mad and can usually tell us why. That’s important. WHY are you sad? WHY are you mad?

I think I was most excited about all of the previews. There are some fun kids movies coming out soon! I’m so excited to see that there will be a Peanuts movie coming out at Thanksgiving. And I know my boy will love it!

Other than movies and trying to go outside, I’ve been working hard on cleaning out our guest room. I started this a few weeks ago and was sidetracked a few hours in. (Yes, a few hours. It really was a dumping ground.) I’m determined not to let this room become a dumping ground again and I’m excited to show you something we’re showcasing in the room…more on that next week.

I hope you’ve had a good holiday weekend. Happy birthday, America!

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