Stream of Consciousness: Moving in and the great purge of 2015 {week 59} #SOC #freewriting #blogging

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Yesterday was move-in day on campus. I love this time of year because the students are back and campus comes to life. I also dislike this time of year because the fitness center gets more crowded and parking spaces are hard to come by (even though the students KNOW they aren’t supposed to park in staff/faculty lots.) For the most part, though, it’s fun and a really positive thing.

Stream of Consciousness - free writing.

I helped students move in for four hours yesterday. Two women’s dorms and one men’s dorm. I will gladly help the guys move their stuff into their rooms – they bring next to nothing compared to the girls! I saw no ironing boards when during my two hours at the girls dorms, but four in my time at the guys dorm. I’m curious if those guys will actually iron clothes this year, or if their moms packed the ironing boards. (I also moved a vacuum cleaner into one room…a guy’s room.)

With all of this moving around, today has been a great purge of 2015. Toys. Man. Toys are taking over our house and it stresses my husband out more than anyone. (It stresses me out, too, but my stress is more internalized, I think.) During naptime, though, I went through the living room toys and bagged up the broken toys, stuff he’s way too old for and things he has never had an interest in. I spent a brief time in our downstairs room doing the same thing. When he wakes up, I need to do a quick sweep of his bedroom. Toys. And I know we’ll be doing this again soon. His birthday is at the end of this month and he’ll be getting even more stuff. The poor kid doesn’t even know how to play with all these toys!

Oh, and back in June I randomly sold our dining room table set. We’ve been at a plastic folding table for roughly 6 or 7 weeks, until this weekend. Our set arrived from Wayfair and we put it all together. I’m liking it (so far), but one of the chair backs was split when we took it out of the box, so we’re waiting to see how they handle the replacement. (Hopefully it’s seamless and I can say really good things about them.)

Time’s up…tell me, how is your weekend going? And how do you deal with all of the toys??

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  1. I had an ironing board in college. My roommate used it. I never did. It was a tabletop one. I think she ironed on the floor. Trying to remember.

    And I SO KNOW about the toys. School starts on Monday. Cleaning will commence.

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