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It appears my nail designs are working. We got the snow I had hoped for (and it’s still falling. I guess I’ll switch out my nails to something more spring-like by the end of the weekend.)

My boy is an early, EARLY riser. He keeps waking around 6 or 6:15 this week, and this morning I finally offered him the iPad, just so I could get an extra 45 minutes of rest. It worked. I was able to stay in my bed until 7:30.

Stream of Consciousness - free writing.

We got over 10 inches of snow yesterday. That’s not normal for us. I love a good snowfall, but now I’m just hoping we can get out of our neighborhood by Sunday. I know people go crazy over milk and bread before a major storm. We didn’t, and now I’m wishing I had grabbed one more carton of milk when I was out on Thursday. When you have a young child in the house, milk is a major staple for them….and we’re down to our last half gallon. My son and I drink a good amount of milk on a daily basis.

There’s a great field near our neighborhood to sled in, but I am not in the best condition to walk the distance, plus try to monitor sledding, so I created paths for Lucas to sled in yesterday. I had bags of leaves I’d mulched months ago and moved them to the base of the yard, next to the fence. As I dragged the bags, they would create a path. Now he can sled, and if he gets to the fence, he runs into leaves and not a metal fence! It’s pretty perfect for him. He isn’t super adventurous, is afraid of not being caught at the bottom, and he finds it fun to sled. I can still carry his sled to the top without overexerting myself.


We’ve been really fortunate to not lose power (knocking on wood now.) I was a little worried about being snowed in for days and going stir-crazy, but it hasn’t been awful. As long as Lucas gets to play outside (and eat snow!) then everything else goes smoothly. It’s been relaxing and fun watching him enjoy this.

Are you getting snow this weekend?

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  1. So much fun! It sounds like everyone has had a relaxing and fun time during the big snowstorm. And yes, please put on the spring nails. I’m ready for some sun and at least a little warmth. šŸ™‚

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