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I took the boy to Splasheville on Saturday with plans of staying at least an hour, probably longer. He was in the water around 40 minutes before he was too cold.


If you are local, you REALLY must get downtown to check out Splasheville! It’s free, and it’s great to cure boredom during the summer. (Especially when it’s 90+ degrees outside!)


The above photo is blurry, but look at the excitement in his face!



Take an extra set of clothes for your child to change into. And a towel. I make my child wear his sandals (with rubber soles) because the pad is so slick. This way he can run and not fall as easily.


I would almost recommend calling Asheville Parks & Rec to see if the splash pad is scheduled to close early or is closed for a special event. They claim to update their Facebook page, but I know that isn’t the case. (I’ve checked their page, only to find Splasheville closed for various events. It happens. I get it. It’s annoying to drive there, pay for parking and tell your toddler that it’s closed.)


We are lucky to have Splasheville and more lucky that the splash pad is functioning this summer!

Do you have free or inexpensive activities in your town like this? I love that this is so close to home.

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