Spring Cleaning – and Organizing – Kids Rooms

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Spring is almost here. The time has changed, the sun is out longer and our weather – for the most part – is feeling very spring-like these days. The one thing I need to do is get organized for spring.

Since 2014, I have a couple of days that I devote to spring organizing. I actually get a spring break most years (since I work full-time in higher education.) It’s one of the major perks of my job, and I LOVE the two days I get to spend at home while my kids are in school. It’s the only time I really have to clean and organize their rooms.

This is an actual photo of my son’s room two years ago. The left is before I did anything, and the right was after I purged junk, papers and worked on organizing some of his toys. I have bigger plans this year.

So, here’s what is about to go down at our house next week:

  • I’ll empty a bedroom. Everything will end up in the hallway (minus furniture) and whatever laundry needs to be washed, will be washed. Anything that no longer fits goes into a container or is donated. (I consign a lot of my kids’ clothes, which is why I’ll put too-small clothing into bins.)
  • Everything gets vacuumed and dusted.
  • Broken toys are tossed. Papers are recycled. The toys that aren’t already in containers will get new containers. This is where I determine which toys are like the others. For instance, my son has a lot of Hot Wheels, so they get their own box. Ninja Turtles get a bin, Pokemon toys get a bin (cards are a whole different system.)
  • Labels are used. Especially if bins contain similar items for each child – this keeps items organized and it’s a way to keep them from fighting over each others items.
  • Books will be sorted. Again, I will trade books for credit at a local used bookstore. I donate some, and if they’re my son’s books, they may get passed down to my daughter. But the books must be purged.
  • Spring and summer clothes will be placed into the dressers, and jackets, hoodies and sneakers will be labeled.

Spring organizing with Name Bubbles

Name Bubbles is not a new brand around here. I fell in love with their labels a year ago, and I label everything I can with Name Bubbles labels. You can save 20% off sitewide with code SPRING (this is a one time use code for each customer.)

I label clothes, shoes, books, backpacks, water bottles, masks (yep, still wearing them), toys, lunch boxes – every thing that can be labeled gets a label. We’ll have to send new sunscreen into our afterschool program, and that’ll be labeled.

What’s great about Name Bubbles is how long the labels last. The water bottles are washed daily – and the labels are on there from last summer. Same with lunch boxes (which are bags) and the backpacks have been used daily. All have labels from the beginning of the school year. But with the kids growing out of their fall jackets, they need new labels for their spring jackets and hoodies.

Use code SPRING20 to save 20% off your Name Bubbles order today!

How to use Name Bubbles for your spring organizing:

  • Label containers. Have multiple kids with similar items? Label their bins. My kids are each allowed one container for their treasures (that plastic crap I try to throw away.) This keeps everything contained, and they know if it’s their container or their sibling’s.
  • Label books. We do have some books that will be with the kids forever and ever. I’m okay with adding a label so the book can find its way home, should it be lost somewhere.
  • Spring clothes (jackets, hoodies, shoes) all need labels if there’s a chance the item can be left at school or a friend’s house.

Use code SPRING20 to save 20% off your Name Bubbles order today!

Last spring, I shared a spring cleaning post, complete with a printable calendar. Check out the post here, and grab the download!

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