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The kids are heading back to school very soon (or if you’re like some of my parent friends, your kids may already be back in school.) We have about three weeks left of summer, and I’m happy to report that our school shopping is complete! I have a few ideas that I hope will help you save on back to school in terms of your time AND money. 

Stick to the list.

My son came home from school in June with a list for this year. I love that his school provides these lists, and it made everything simpler so we could search for various items throughout the summer. On the list were the standard pencils, crayons and composition books. He also needs Kleenex and Wet Wipes. Not a problem. Since I know that what we needed, I could watch prices and buy accordingly this summer.

Shop your house.

What items do you have on hand that you don’t need cluttering up counter space or a drawer? While I did find pencils and crayons in the store, I have also pulled together a lot of pencils to send into the classroom. (I’ll be doing this with crayons as well. )

Skip the stores and shop online.

Amazon, specifically. I don’t need a reason to shop Amazon, and when they offer coupons I’m even more inclined to shop on Amazon. With the way our schedules have ended up, and all of our travels, I just didn’t have all of the time the past week to finish out our shopping – so I did it online. I bought Kleenex wet wipes, tissues and even toilet paper. I saved a few dollars, plus it was delivered within two days. 

Reuse last year’s items.

I paid a little extra last year for my boy’s backpack. He decided to reuse his lunchbox and water bottle, so we’re saving well over $40 just in reusing those items. 

Don’t forget the younger kids.

My daughter goes to an in-home daycare, and it’s almost like a new year for her. I know that it’s helpful when I can send in some extra supplies, and since I was buying a case of Wet Wipes on Amazon, I had more than enough to send to school and day care. 

Stock your house. 

Back to school season is busy. Amazon can help by making it easier to shop for products like paper towels and toilet paper. While you are ordering the Wet Wipes and Kleenex, throw paper towels and toilet paper into your cart – it will save you time, money and maybe even a little sanity knowing you aren’t going to run out of the essentials mid-week. 

Most of the products I purchased recently had at least 50 cents to a dollar off coupon when I went to add it to my cart. I’m definitely not complaining about savings. 

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